Joana Schenker: third consecutive win at the Miss Sumol Cup

Joana Schenker won the Miss Sumol Cup 2016, in Ilhavo, Portugal. The Portuguese bodyboarder conquered the event for an unprecedented third consecutive time.

Miss Sumol Cup is one of the longest-running female bodyboarding contest in the planet. In the past 12 editions, the competition crowned women who went on to win world titles.

In 2016, the final was tightly contested, and the winner was only decided in the dying seconds of the heat. All four athletes - Schenker, Rita Pires, Teresa Almeida and Marta Leitão - could've clinched it.

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Iain Campbell: ready to beat the Aussie Buccanneers | Photo: Simon Heale

An Australian bodyboarding team will tour South Africa in November 2016.

The Aussie Buccaneers will get nine riders competing against the best South African athletes across four divisions: Pro Men, Pro Women, Pro Drop-Knee, and Junior Pro Men.

The tour, similar to the format adopted by football, cricket, and basketball teams, has been organized by the Australian Bodyboarding Association (ABA) and the South African Bodyboarding Association (SABA) and will pit wave riders from both countries in gladiator-themed test matches.

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Jake Metcalfe: winner of the 2016 Australian Bodyboard Titles | Photo: Surfing Australia

Jake Metcalfe has taken out the 2016 Australian Bodyboard Titles, in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

The Western Australian bodyboarding champion from City Beach prevailed in the season's finals held during the Australian Surf Festival. The event crowned eight new national champions.

Despite the challenging conditions, Metcalfe defeated Lee Wilson, Liam Lucas, and Jessie King in the decisive Open Men's clash by performing an array of rolls and spins scored at 15.35 points.

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