La Salie Pro 2015: the finalists line up under blood red skies | Photo: La Salie Pro

Pierre-Louis Costes and Joana Schenker have conquered the La Salie Pro 2015, in Aquitaine, France.

The first stop on the European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB) 2015 was deeply affected by large tidal ranges forcing organizers to complete all heats in two days.

In the last day of competition at La Salie Nord, there were pretty contestable overhead sets and offshore winds on offer. In the Men's division, the local riders showed how well they knew this spot, but the scenario was rather different in the Women's category.

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Vulcan: Pride is proud of their fins

Pride Bodyboards have announced the release of "Vulcan", a brand new bodyboarding fin system.

The French brand started working on the "Vulcan" fins in June, 2013. After a succession of drawings, molds and tests, the first models are ready to hit the world market.

"It's been a pretty lengthy process. Every time we came back with something that wasn't quite right, the Pride Lab, with integrity and consideration, would modify it to the point where we feel it's pretty perfect," explained Jared Houston.

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NMD Dbah Pro: solid ramps

Jake Stone has conquered the 2015 NMD Dbah Pro, at Duranbah Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

The rider from Queensland stole the show in the second stage of the 2015 Australian Bodyboard Association (ABA) Tour. Stone defeated Lachlan Cramsie in the Pro Men's final.

"It was pumping out there today. It's such a good wave to ride and makes it easy to compete in," noted Jake Stone, who takes the lead of the 2015 ABA Tour rankings.

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