Tom Morey: a fascinating character, a universal thinker, an extraordinary musician, and a relentless inventor | Video Still: Wybenga

Tom Morey is more than just the inventor of the bodyboard and bodyboarding. He's a fascinating character, a universal thinker, an extraordinary musician, and a relentless inventor. Let's hear what he has to say about sports, and life in general.

His words and his thoughts are part of American history. Tom Morey was born in Detroit on the 15th August 1935. Tom Morey started surfing shallow two-foot waves on his dad's back in 1947 at Main Beach, in Laguna Beach, California. With time, he progressed to bodysurfing.

When he was ten years old, he spent three months in bed recovering from rheumatic fever. He had the chance to relax, hear a lot of music, and conversations on the radio. But he also practiced and improved his drum skills.

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Iain Campbell: he loved the Viana waves | Photo: Tabone/APB

Iain Campbell has taken out the Viana World Bodyboard Championship, at Arda Beach, in Portugal.

The Durban-based bodyboarder conquered his second consecutive APB World Tour event and currently sits on top of the rankings. Campbell defeated former world champion Amaury Lavernhe in the final.

"I'm honored to come out victorious! I have been on a mission, and it's paid off. This sport of bodyboarding is so amazing! It was awesome to have the structure and area that we could use to our full advantage!" expressed Iain Campbell.

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Ian Jermyn: an Australian surf mat enthusiast taking on the waves of Ireland

Ian Jermyn is an Australian illustrator with a degree in marine science, and he loves riding waves with mats. Even if it means paddling out in the cold dark waters of Ireland.

It's an inflatable wave riding craft, and nowadays it is only ridden by an elite group of water sports enthusiasts. Jermyn is a member of the mat club, and he has been exploring a few opportunities along the Irish coastline.

The art of mat surfing was born in the early 1960s when George Greenough rode his first waves on a small air mattress. Back then, he didn't realize he was opening the way for the "invention" of bodyboarding.

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