Lachlan Cramsie: hitting the lip at Duranbah Beach

Lachlan Cramsie claimed the Inverted Dbah Pro 2017, in the Gold Coast, Australia.

The second stop on the 2017 ABA Tour gathered nearly 100 bodyboarders competing in three-to-four-foot offshore surf at Duranbah Beach.

There were barrel rides, airs, and even a specialty vintage bodyboard heat with boards launched before 1997, including a Kainoa McGee Wave Rebel, a Rheopaipo, a Mach 7-7, and a Bullet.

Teahupoo: the mother of all waves | Photo: Tabone/APB

The Teahupoo Tahiti Challenge is the second stop on the 2017 APB World Tour. The 4-Star event will likely produce changes in the overall rankings.

Is Jeff Hubbard embarking on a solo mission to conquer his fourth world bodyboarding title? Can Ben Player bring the trophy to Australia four years later?

Can Ian Campbell and Alex Uranga fight till the end for a maiden world title? How will Socrates Santana adapt to his rookie year in the Men's division?

Tom Morey: the inventor of the bodyboard shows his creation

Geniuses are rare, but people like Tom Morey are even more scarce. Let's duck dive into the exotic, colorful, and exciting life of bodyboarding's mastermind.

The man who invented the bodyboard - and many other revolutionary surf items and designs - is the ultimate dreamer of the dream.

Tom Morey's brilliant mind has always been free to create, improvise, and experiment. Not because he could, but because he had to, and needed to.

Acid drops can be dangerous, especially if you jump into shallow waters. But if you learn how to do it properly, they can be fun and look good in a video.

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