Jake Stone: champagne shower at Knight Beach

Jake Stone is the 2015 Australian Bodyboarding Association (ABA) Tour champion.

The bodyboarder from the Sunshine Coast conquered the 2015 Knights Beach Pro, in Port Elliot, South Australia, and collected enough points to steal the overall title before the final stop: the Mystics Pro.

The new King of the Knights stole the sword and the 2015 ABA Tour with yet another flawless performance at Knights Beach's left wedges. In the final, he defeated Davis Blackwell.

“I’ve never gone back-to-back with anything before. I was getting cocky after a few big scores, but when I heard that Davis got a 9.33 with a few minutes to go, I had to refocus to win. It was a rad final," expressed Stone.

"Just wanted to say thanks to the ABA Tour for running an awesome Aussie tour! A huge thanks to my trainer Donal Carr - my back and body has never felt better; my mentor and just all round legend Michael Eppelstun. Looking forward to the World Tour!"

Jake Stone won his second consecutive ABA Tour. He is the first rider to land a 720 air in competitive bodyboarding. The Queensland expert pulled it at the 2013 New South Wales South Coast Crusade.

Tanner McDaniel also stood out in both the Pro Men and Junior divisions. The Hawaiian prodigy ended up winning the Junior clash against Simon Cassidy, Lachie Breaky and Jesse Landrigan.

Kyle Ward: your new Western Australia bodyboarding champion | Photo: Surfing WA/Woolacott

Kyle Ward has been crowned the 2015 Western Australia bodyboarding champion, after triumphing at Pyramids Beach, Mandurah.

Ward confirmed a back-to-back victory in the SunSmart WA Bodyboard Titles, before the third and final event in Perth. The bodyboarder from Joondalup drew the best lines and pulled off the most committed manoeuvres to defeat Jordan Ihms, Noah Symmans and Nathan Hutchins.

"I was a little nervous going up against all the younger groms in the final, but just stuck to my guns. I caught the waves I needed to and I'm stoked to be crowned the State Champion here in front of my family who came to support me," expressed Kyle Ward.

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Chris James: finding an exit at Bagpipes | Photo: Chris James Archive

Chris James is not afraid of impossible big waves. He chases them. He spent "12 Months In The Salt."

Big wave bodyboarding is a sub-scene where you can't find many riders obsessed with vertical drops and ultra deep barrels. Christopher Arthur Eric James doesn't care about the mainstream.

He lives in the underground world; in a place where jet skis tow bodyboarders into the deadliest Tahitian pits, with no seat belts or safety manuals. Well, there you go. Meet Nomad Big Wave Awards' first candidate.

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