Mandurah Wedge: the ABA Tour is back to Perth | Photo: Woolacott/Surfing Australia

The Australian Bodyboarding Association (ABA) has announced the full schedule for the 2017 ABA Tour.

The Australian bodyboarding circuit will return to the Mandurah Wedge, in Western Australia, a high-performance break located in Perth.

"We work hard each off season to lock down locations that showcase bodyboarding in the finest light. We are also very excited to be working with the APB World Tour next year on some announcements over the next few months," revealed Dylan Beach, ABA's general manager.

Shore break: a challenging and dangerous wave for bodyboarders | Photo: Shutterstock

Shore breaks are tough stuff. Waves that break directly on the sand can easily break several bones in a matter of milliseconds. Learn how to survive a shore break experience.

Self-mutilation is often seen as a psychological disorder, but there are many wave riders who take pleasure from risky situations. For them, shore break surfing is dangerously fun and addictive.

The activity often involves pounding waves, high tides, super shallow waters and, in some cases, hard sandy shores. The goal is to enjoy mayhem, defy fears, and eventually get barreled (and not coming out).

António Cardoso: a tube rider from Nazare

Is Nazaré all about Praia do Norte? Absolutely not. Here's an ode to flawless five-foot cylinders pumping at a nearby secret spot.

They call themselves Nazaré Locals, and they are a dedicated group of wave riders who protect the waves, the environment, and the beaches of the Portuguese fishing town.

They demand respect because they've been surfing these waves for a long time. Whether they're charging on a bodyboard or surfboard, this is their territory, and they make sure it is not controlled by foreign big wave athletes who've just heard of Nazaré and its canyon.