Alzira: the new bodyboard movie by Manuel Barbosa

"Alzira" has been hailed as one of the finest bodyboard movie productions of 2017.

The film was directed by Manuel Barbosa, from the Gypsy collective, and features several athletes who live and surf in the Portuguese coast.

Pierre Louis Costes, Stephanos Kokorelis, Antonio Saraiva, Miguel Coelho, Simão Monteiro, João Tudela, Jimmy Williamson, Miguel Serrão, Gonçalo Amaral, and Hugo Maduro give their best for a few glorious shooting angles.

Boogie board: an expression coined by Tom Morey when he invented the bodyboard | Photo: Shutterstock

Why is a bodyboard called boogie board? Is bodyboarding one of those sports with several names? Is boogie boarding used in a derogatory way?

The first thing we must dissect is the word itself. What does "boogie" really means? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the expression "boogie" means:

Sharks: the predator has been a regular presence in the Reunion Island waters | Photo: Shutterstock

A 26-year-old bodyboarder has lost his life in a shark attack in Reunion Island.

Alexandre Naussance was catching waves in Saint-André, on the northeast of the island, when the predator attacked and bit him in the femoral artery.

The young bodyboarder was pulled out of the water by his fellow wave riders, but lost a lot of blood. When the medical team arrived by helicopter, Naussance had already passed away.