Mike Stewart: the greatest bodyboarder of all time | Photo: Mana/Shutterstock

Mike Stewart has just turned 53. Can you believe it? Competing at the highest level on a World Tour against a new generation of riders that are less than half his age, with no signs of fatigue or loss of momentum.

Mike Stewart is a multidimensional individual. He is one of the most fierce bodyboarders, one of the most experienced wave connoisseurs on the planet, and one of the best surf coaches one can have.

Simultaneously, the Hawaiian waterman is a prolific entrepreneur, a dedicated contest organizer, a global traveler, and a master bodysurfer. Stewart lives and breathes salted water.

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Joana Schenker and Pierre-Louis Costes: always winning at La Salie

Pierre-Louis Costes and Joana Schenker have won the La Salie Pro 2016, held at La Salie Beach, in France.

The French bodyboarder claimed the third consecutive victory in the French event and kicks off the 2016 European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB) with an important lead over his longtime rivals Annas Haddar, Maxime Castillo, and Brahim Iddouch.

"I am happy to win the La Salie Pro 2016 for the third time in the row. Thanks to Ocean Roots Surf Club for running a successful first event in France and, with events confirmed in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, the 2016 Tour is looking promising," expressed Costes.

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Bodyboarding: should pregnant women catch waves? | Photo: Shutterstock

Many female bodyboarders have asked themselves the question. Is it 100 percent safe to ride a bodyboard when pregnant? The safest answer is "no, it isn't," but for those who can't stand watching others catch waves, here's a responsible approach.

It is one of the most controversial issues in wave sports. For many women, it is a special feeling and a blessing. For others, it is a miscalculated move. Whatever you decide, please consult with your doctor first.

When you're riding waves on a bodyboard, your belly is in contact with the board's deck. That is why, quite often, bodyboards are mistakenly named "bellyboards." Therefore, a woman who is expecting a baby should take some precautions.

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