Mitch Rawlins: always deeper and faster than any other bodyboarder | Photo: Venn/Surfing Australia

Mitch Rawlins is one of the most popular bodyboarders in Australia. The man who always excels in thunderous conditions is "back" with a classic film.

In 2006, he was the star of "The MitchVid 1.0" an action-packed, 30-minute bodyboard movie released with the issue number 155 of Riptide Magazine.

The fast and creative bodyboarder from the Gold Coast has never quite had an impressive career in the IBA and APB World Tour, but his off-the-road performances were always pushing the sport forward.

Bodyboarding: the perfect sport to sell cigarettes

Unlike surfing and windsurfing, the sport of bodyboarding was never especially popular in the marketing world. However, we found a few rare advertising gems.

The Brazilian marketeers were one of the first to use bodyboarding in television commercials. Believe or not, they put prolific boogie boarders selling Hollywood cigarettes.

What a bright idea; it's the best of both worlds - smoke and waves. Brilliant. But the truth is that the surf industry never quite promoted its younger wave riding activity as a marketing tool for reaching young consumers.

Tristan Roberts: riding a secret slab on South Africa's West Coast

It's because of smart video edits like the one produced by Michael Veltman that bodyboarding thrives as a popular water sport.

That said, we should also praise the rider; the performer who worked the camera angles, and pulled stunning moves a few inches away from the camera lens.

Tristan Roberts is not a newcomer to the bodyboarding world. In 2016, the South African finished the APB World Tour season in eighth place. Roberts, who has already won both the Cave Rock and Tand Invitationals, is someone you should definitely follow.

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