Front King Pro 2016: the battle for the world title begins | Photo: APB

Five riders are in the race for becoming the 2016 APB World Tour champion.

The Front King Pro 2016 is the last event of the professional bodyboarding season, and everything will be decided in the final rounds. Iain Campbell, Pierre-Louis Costes, Jeff Hubbard, Amaury Lavernhe, and Alex Uranga have a shot at the world title.

According to the APB World Tour, Costes and Campbell hold the strongest chances of winning the title. Hubbard must, at least, make it to the quarterfinals, and hope everyone else loses in Round 3. If he wins the event, he claims the season's title.

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Bodyboarding: only a boogie rider knows the feeling | Photo: Red Bull

Bodyboarders are passionate about their sport and, today, prone riding is an established art form. Discover the best arguments a bodyboarder could present to defend his taste for boogie boarding.

For many, bodyboarding is the ultimate wave riding sport. Boogie boarding fanatics might say that their sport preceded surfing as an ancient outdoor activity. And for a few, bodyboarding is just an easier way to get into the waves.

There are also riders who, depending on the ocean's mood, will ride a bodyboard or a surfboard. A significant minority of hardcore riders will never trade a bodyboard for a surfboard.

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The Wedge: a bodyboarding nightmare

Is there a recipe for success at Newport Beach's The Wedge? Maybe not. Watch a wipeout reel with the worst beatings of the year at California's infamous backwash arena.

The Wedge - the name says it all. The punishing surf break in Newport Beach has traditionally been a bodyboarding peak. Not that surfers, bodysurfers, kneeboarders, and skimboarders don't ride it.

But the A-frame rebound wave becomes truly unique when boogieboarders risk their bones in the vertical drops of The Wedge. The spot has already sent many wave riding enthusiasts to the hospital.

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