JP Tobin: no funds, no Rio | Photo: JP Tobin

New Zealand windsurfer Jon-Paul Tobin is unsure whether his name will be on the starting line of the Rio 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition, in Brazil.

The 38-year-old athlete says he didn't travel to the ISAF Sailing World Cup Hyeres Regatta with Yachting New Zealand because he didn't have the money. As a result, he is working with the national stand-up paddleboarding team.

"It just really is training for my windsurfing, but since the team has been named I've upped the miles on the water, which is interesting, so I don't quite know what will come of it or how it goes," explained JP Tobin.

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iFoil windsurf board: all in one | Photo: iFoil

Foils are not new to windsurfing, but there's a revolutionary formula entering the market. Meet the iFoil.

Will windsurf boards look like this in the future? iFoil believes they will. The company from Portland, United Kingdom, developed a hydrofoil board that you can carve, gybe, jump and drive off the fin.

The 100 percent carbon foam sandwich monocoque construction looks and feels like a foil windsurf board, but it will be simultaneously accessible to a beginner and rewarding for a pro. The iFoil can be fully dismantled, and it is self-adjusting.

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Défi Wind: 1000 windsurfers sailing 40 kilometers | Photo: Jean-Marc Cornu/Red Bull

The 15th edition of Défi Wind will feature more than 1200 windsurfers, at Gruissan, in France. The event will run from 14th-17th May, 2015.

Pro and amateur sailors of all windsurfing discipline have only one goal: to cross the finish line of one of the world's largest racing marathon. Twelve world champions will attend the competition, including Antoine Albeau, Philip Koster, Jason Polakow, Thomas Traversa and Bjorn Dunkerbeck.

The 2015 Défi Wind has entries from 34 nations. The rider's age ranges from 13 to 71 years of age, and they will aim at the 40-kilometer adventure with the help of the famous Tramontana wind.

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