Speed windsurfing: learn to sail fast | Photo: Luderitz Speed Challenge

How much weight can you get off the board? The secret of speed windsurfing is to behave like a feather over a board. To get things started, just ride the smallest windsurf kit in the flattest waters possible.

Windsurfers can easily reach 30 knots in almost any gear, but you have to make sure your windsurf sail, board and fins are finely tuned. Training is learning, so start your speed tests in low-to-medium wind conditions.

In speed sailing, details matter. Minor changes in the boom, battens, mast extension, mast base, clew and outhaul will determine the overall performance under the clock or GPS device. Every speed sailing spot has its best wind angles. Write them down on a notepad so that you learn from your past experiences.


Jaeger Stone: mastering his Western Australian swells | Photo: John Carter

Jaeger Stone conquered the Elite division of the 2015 Windsurfing Wave Sailing Competition, held during the Lancelin Ocean Classic, in Western Australia.

The region was blessed with the traditional epic sea breezes. Winds were ranging between 20 and 30 knots. The one-to-two meter swell on offer kept the waves at a perfect size for the pros to show off practiced skills.

Despite a very close series of heats, Jaeger Stone took home the trophy for the 2015 Windsurfing Wave Sailing Competition, leaving Dieter Van Der Eyken, from Belgium and local Ben Severne in the runner-up positions.


2015 Lancelin Ocean Classic: 25 kilometers in less than 30 minutes | Photo: John Carter

Steve Allen has won the 2015 Lancelin Ocean Classic. The Australian windsurfer conquered his third consecutive title at the world's longest windsurfing race.

A total of 220 windsurfers participated in the 25 kilometers downwind challenge. The event founded in 1986 has, meanwhile expanded to include kiteboarding, stand up paddleboarding and jet-ski competitions.

Allen crossed the finish line in first place after sailing for 28 minutes and 17 seconds. He improved his personal best by one minute and 42 seconds.