Windsurfing: beginner tips will make you progress faster | Photo: Shutterstock

There's nothing like good advice to push us forward. If you're new to windsurfing, there are a few recommendations that can be useful before you start sailing.

The first thing that newcomers to windsurfing should know is what equipment they will be using. The three main components of windsurfer are the board, the sail, the boom. There's more, but without them, you won't sail away.

It is also important to learn how the points of sail affect your journey across the water. If you don't know where does the wind blow from, you might want to discover a few methods for checking its direction.

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Michael George: he solves the Rubik's Cube while windsurfing

It is the most difficult windsurfing maneuver of all time, and only a few sailors will be able to complete it.

Michael George is not your average professional windsurfer - he's just another data science architect with a nine-to-six job. But that doesn't mean he can't dream high.

That is why Mike decided to blend his two hobbies: windsurfing and speedcubing, i.e., solving Rubik's Cube fast. You ask: what does one thing have to do with the other? Easy: start planing on your windsurfer, and try to solve the Rubik's Cube with one hand.

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Sarah-Quita Offringa: she won her third PWA Slalom World Tour title | Photo: Carter/PWA

Sarah-Quita Offringa has conquered her third PWA Slalom World Tour title, at Hvide Sande, in Denmark.

The windsurfer from Aruba added another trophy to her long list of accomplishments. Despite being known for her freestyle skills, Offringa continues to impress in the races.

"I'm very happy. I was emotional when the event was officially called off because it's been a stressful day with the conditions right on the edge, so it was pretty nerve-wracking," said Offringa, who had previously won slalom world titles in 2011, and 2015.

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