Squall: a sudden and violent increase in wind speed associated with torrential rains showers, snow, or thunderstorms | Photo: Shutterstock

Squalls are extremely recurrent wind events with unpredictable consequences. They frequently occur in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

A squall is a sudden, sharp, and violent increase in wind speed that is commonly associated with torrential rains showers, snow, or thunderstorms.

Squalls are accompanied by drastic and substantial changes in the cloud patterns, cold fronts, and severe weather events. They can last for several minutes and may produce large waves.

2017 OBX Long Distance Race: 178 windsurfers sailed two 20-kilometer races

Tyson Poor stormed the 2017 Makani Fins Long Distance Race, in North Carolina.

The OBX Windsurfing Festival welcomed sailors of all skill levels and ages for a grueling endurance race. Athletes were spoiled with warm weather and southwest winds in the 20-25 knots range.

No less than 178 windsurfers battled it out in two 20-kilometer long distance races, in near perfect conditions on the glassy Pamlico Sound.

Charles Vandemeulebroucke: a bottom turn in Tahiti | Photo: Thouard

If you're a dedicated wave windsurfer, Tahiti will change your life. Charles Vandemeulebroucke is already living the dream at Teahupoo, Vairao and Maoti.

He was born and raised in Dunkerque, France, close to Wissant, a famous windsurfing spot. Vandemeulebroucke started windsurfing at 13 on a lake, and then to ocean waves. He moved to Tahiti five years ago. Initially, he planned to stay for a month, but he never got back to Europe.

"Living at Teahupoo, I work as physiotherapist and osteopathic practitioner and have my own business not far from here for three years. Since then, life is about not working too much, and enjoying minutes on the water," says Vandemeulebroucke, also known as Charlieboy.