Wind gusts: a sudden, abrupt, and brief increase in the speed and direction of the wind | Photo: Shutterstock

A wind gust is a sudden, abrupt, and brief increase in the speed and direction of the wind. The phenomenon is immediately followed by a lull.

Wind gusts have a duration of less than 20 seconds and are often caused by either turbulence due to friction, wind shear or solar heating of the ground.

They are considered gusts when the difference between the slowest and fastest wind speed is of 8.6 knots (10 mph, 16km/h).

Marcilio Browne: throwing spray in Maui | Photo: Carter/PWA

What do a two-time world windsurfing champion and a Hawaiian big wave windsurfer have in common? Apparently everything.

"Dis.Traction" is a 30-minute video-on-demand adventure into the giant mountains of water they both ride and share on the island of Maui.

The action-packed documentary features Marcilio Browne and Morgan Noireaux descending the 40-foot waves of Jaws/Peahi, as they prepare for another intense wave sailing season on the PWA World Tour scene.

Amado Vrieswijk: getting vertical at Bonaire's Lac Baai | Photo: Kuma Movie

Amado Vrieswijk has taken out the King of Bonaire 2017, at Lac Baai, in Bonaire.

The freestyle windsurfing event organized by Julien Mas attracted 28 sailors, including a contingent of kids, and got underway in medium wind conditions.

For many riders, it was the perfect venue for a pre-season warm-up. Vrieswijk was fired up, and he ended up winning the contest by landing double culos, no-handed burners, and shifty shakas in all heats.