Caesar Finies: his trademark Hail Mary is unreal | Photo: Caesar Finies

Caesar Finies never ceases to amaze us. His latest flowstyle windsurfing video looks like perfect computer-generated imagery work.

Many of us would not believe it could be done. How is it possible to throw a windsurfing sail up in air, and then catch it and keep sailing?

Caesar Finies takes us back to the roots of freestyle windsurfing. To its very beginning, and without getting the board out of the water. Actually, it took Finies several years to master this array of techniques and tricks.

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Monofilm windsurfing sails: built for speed | Photo: Luderitz Speed Challenge

It is a classic debate in the windsurfing community. What are the best sails made of? As always, there are two sides to every story. Let's take a look at the differences between x-ply and monofilm.

We all know that x-ply is more expensive than monofilm. The industry knows it; sailors know it. Therefore, x-ply sails tend to sell less than their rivals. But we might be looking at different things.

Intermediate and advanced windsurfers are probably paying more attention to performance than beginner riders, who tend to privilege resistance and durability of materials, in an initial learning phase.

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Moulay, Morocco: a windsurfing heaven | Photo:

The 2016 American Windsurfing Tour (AWT) will visit Moulay, in Morocco, for the first time in its history, from 15th-21st May 2016.

The historic wave windsurfing circuit is widening its options, and Africa will share the strong trade winds ("Cherki") with the athletes. The spot of Moulay is located just 30 minutes away from the new Essaouira airport.

The event will be organized by pro windsurfer Boujmaa Guilloul. Riders should expect cool Atlantic waters, contestable waves, and strong 20-to-30-knot winds. Kevin Pritchard has already confirmed his participation in the inaugural AWT Morocco.

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