Windsurfing: watch the best television commercials released in the last 40 years

The introduction of color television in the mass market coincided with the rise of new water sport.

In the late 1970s, and 1980s multinational brands used windsurfing to promote a broad range of products and services. The new thrilling wind sport picked up quickly, and companies invested in TV ads featuring board sailors.

The speed, the smiles, and intense water action, the summer holidays were all values that fitted marketing messages like a glove. Company executives knew that windsurfing was also becoming very popular in Europe, especially in the 1980s.

Kaunas, Lithuania: the birthplace of downhill street windsurfing

A windsurfer has ridden the streets of the city of Kaunas, in Lithuania. The good news is that he didn't get a speeding ticket, and he was wearing a helmet.

When you think about windsurfing, you don't always put Lithuania on the top of your dream destinations. But the truth is that the southernmost nation of the Baltic region offers plenty of sailing opportunities.

Lithuania has roughly 6,000 lakes covering up to 950 square kilometers. Additionally, the European country features a generous 262-kilometer coastline with splendid conditions for wind sports enthusiasts.

Red Bull Storm Chase: the event requires a Force 10 storm to get underway | Photo: Red Bull

The world of windsurfing is gearing up for the toughest wave sailing contest on the planet. The shortlist for the 2017 Red Bull Storm Chase has been revealed.

Jaeger Stone, Ricardo Campello, Adam Lewis, Antoine Martin, Robby Swift, Philip Köster, Kai Lenny, Camille Juban, Victor Fernández López, and Jules Denel.

Four of these ten windsurfers will join four pre-qualified riders: Thomas Traversa, Dany Bruch, Leon Jamaer, and Marcilio Browne. They are the finalists of the 2014 Red Bull Storm Chase, an event won by Traversa.