Steve Allen: he completed the 2017 Lancelin Ocean Classic in 27 minutes and 7 seconds | Photo: JC Photography

Steve Allen secured his fourth Lancelin Ocean Classic title after finishing first in the windsurfing marathon race held in Australia.

The notorious Lancelin wind finally came through just after lunch time, with competitors anxious to get in the water at Ledge Point and compete for the title of fastest windsurfer, kitesurfer or paddler in the Lancelin Ocean Classic.

Windsurfers and kitesurfers entered the water at the same time, delivering an absolute spectacle on the horizon for onlookers on the beach. The competition was tooth and nail between Allen and kitesurfer Alty Frisby.

S. Newman Darby: the inventor of the sailboard, the father of windsurfing | Photo: Naomi Albrecht

For many, Newman Darby is the original father of windsurfing - the man who opened the way to an entirely new form of sailing.

Sidney Newman Darby Jr. was born on January 31, 1928, in Wilkes-Barre, a small city located in Pennsylvania, just 120 miles west of New York. Darby loved boats, and at 12 he was already building them.

Sidney also worked for his father, who owned a sign shop. His most genius invention would only see the light of day when he hit 20. Living in a region surrounded by forests, there was not much to do. The lakes didn't have waves, so he couldn't surf. Boring.

Max Rowe: Windsurfer of the Year 2016 by UKWA | Photo:

Max Rowe has been named Windsurfer of the Year 2016 by the United Kingdom Windsurfing Association (UKWA).

The freestyle windsurfer from Essex started sailing in the Mersea Island, and he competed for the first on the PWA World Tour in 2010. Last season, he finished 19th.

"I personally thought Ross Williams would grab it after the incredible performance he put together this year. 2016 has felt like a comeback year for me after a disappointing season of results in 2015, a sponsorship change and a broken ankle," explained Rowe.