Stephan van den Berg: the first Olympic windsurfing gold medalist | Photo: ANP

In 1984, windsurfing became the youngest sport ever to be included in the Olympic Games. Since then, sailboarding has always been part of the Olympic sailing competition.

The young sailing class made its debut at the Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics with a men's only regatta.

The first ever Olympic sailboard was the Windglider, the one-design windsurf board manufactured in Europe by Fred Ostermann.

Mike Waltze: the winner of the Maui Windsurfing Grand Prix 1982 | Photo: NeilPryde

If you had to pick one event that changed the perception of professional windsurfing in the eyes of the general public, the Maui Windsurfing Grand Prix 1982 would be one of the greatest examples.

The historical competition got underway in 18 knots of wind, 10-foot wave sets, and attracted sailors from Japan, Africa, England, Switzerland, Australia, and North America. Tom Tatum filmed the windsurfing contest that defined a new era for the sport.

The high-quality documentary explores the competition itself - the freestyle (wave surfing and jumping), dual surf slalom, and course racing action - but also features interviews with the athletes, and showcases the social side of the event.

PWA World Tour: fans want more freestyle action | Photo: Carter/PWA

The Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) released the calendar for the 2017 season.

Once again, there are not many surprises in the full schedule, and the reduced number of freestyle events is not a good sign. Is the sport still suffering the effects of the global crisis?

Why can't the PWA talk to circuits and organizations such as the International Windsurfing Tour (IWT), and the European Freestyle Windsurfing Pro Tour (EFPT) to get more contests on the calendar?

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