Montauk, Long Island: fertilizers, pesticides, and stormwater runoff are threatening the quality of these waters | Photo: John Beil/Creative Commons

Surfrider Foundation released a documentary to raise awareness of the hidden dangers that are affecting the quality of the water in Long Island, New York. But "Surfrider Into The Sea" is just an example that could very well apply to any coastal region.

Life on the east end of Long Island revolves around water. The ocean provides work and pleasure for millions of people.

"There's a lot that's special about Long Island. The opportunities for outdoor recreation - particularly those centered around the water - are endless," underlines Andy Brosnan, a member of Surfrider Foundation's Eastern Long Island Chapter.

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The purple stubby squid: a rare Rossia Pacifica with googly eyes

A group of marine scientists spotted a rare, charming, and purple stubby squid in the Southern California waters.

It looks like a spongy toy, but his scientific name is Rossia Pacifica. The research team at Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus could not believe their eyes when they found this unusual specimen.

The purple stubby squid was spotted at 3,000 feet deep by a camera mounted on a remote-operated vehicle. The underwater creature lives on the ocean floor and uses its googly eyes to spot small fishes and shrimps.

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Greenland Shark: the cold water predator can live up to 512 years | Photo: University of Copenhagen

The longest living vertebrate animal in the world is the Greenland shark.

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen combined the apex predator's yearly growth rate with the carbon-14 dating of his eye lenses and concluded that the Greenland shark could live for more than 400 years.

"Because the center of the lens does not change from the time of a shark's birth, it allows the tissue's chemical composition to reveal a shark's age. We use well-established radiocarbon methods, but combine them in a new way," notes Julius Nielsen, Ph.D. student at University of Copenhagen's Department of Biology.

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