Plastics: a plague in our beaches | Photo: Creative Commons/Rupert Ganzer

Plastics are a plague, but how can we live without them? Learn how surfers can change the world by adopting simple daily practices.

Plastic is everywhere - at home, in the office, in our schools, restaurants and communities. Unfortunately, plastics are also everywhere in our oceans.

"Americans go through about 100 billion plastic bags a year. That's 360 bags for every man, woman and child in the United States. And, less than five percent of these bags are recycled," underlines the Surfrider Foundation.


Leonardo DiCaprio: oceans will thank you

Leonardo DiCaprio has donated two million dollars to Oceans 5, a non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting the world's five oceans.

The actor's donation will be channeled to projects that aim to stop overfishing and establish marine reserves in the world's oceans.

DiCaprio, who spoke during the opening session of the Climate Change Summit, at the United Nations in New York, wants politicians and businessmen participating in a global solution for the climate crisis.


Marine litter sources: UK spends £18 million annually removing beach litter

Surfers Against Sewage is calling for a 50% reduction in UK beach litter by 2020.

The British campaigners have released the "Marine Litter Report", a document that highlights the dimension of the problem and suggests radical new measures to stem the flow of litter to oceans, waves and beaches.

Marine litter is typically classified into the following: cardboard and paper, glass, metal, plastics, processed timber, rubber, sewage-related debris, and textiles and clothing.