Michal Ambruszkiewicz: he is

They're "Pushing It" forward. Flatland skimboarding is no longer an underground activity with a handful of indie kids. It is a highly regarded division with full-on members.

"Pushing It" has everything you need to keep you entertained for 38 minutes. Wave riding skimboarders will want to try a few flatland tricks; inland skimming enthusiasts will immediately feel inspired by the film's vibe.

It is also a small documentary of a year full of traveling, meeting with friends and showing a bit of what a skimboarder life looks like when he's not skimboarding.

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Cody Maurer: he stormed the 2016 DB Pro/Am at Dash Point | Photo: DB Skimboards

Cody Maurer has taken out the 2016 DB Pro/Am, at Dash Point State Park, in Washington.

This year, the organization introduced a new rider-judged contest format. In the end, everyone enjoyed the outcome, and three new champions were crowned across three divisions.

The 13th annual skimboarding competition attracted dozens of riders to Dash Point State Park. Athletes traveled from Sacramento, British Columbia, Ontario, and many other Washington areas.

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Skim Tybee: a skimboarding camp by Austin Keen and Benji Sanders | Photo: Austin Keen

Austin Keen stands on the vast beach of Tybee Island, Georgia, scanning its tiny waves moments before two dozen groms join him for a three-hour skim session. There's nothing like Skim Tybee.

At low tide and just a couple hours after sunrise on a steamy July morning, these South Atlantic coastal waters are no comparison to the epic waves of his current coastal home near Laguna Beach, California.

But while their current is weak, their meaning remains powerful. It was these waves that turned a teenage Keen from a surfer to a skimboarder just to pass the dead time in Tybee's still waters.

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