Skimboarding: Europe loves it | Photo: PSO

The official schedule for the 2015 European Skimboarding Cup has been released.

Who's ready to dethrone Adrien Raza, the 2014 European Skimboarding Cup champion? Last year, the rider from the Netherlands won five out of the six events in the calendar.

In 2015, the number of skimboarders from the Old Continent expected in the battleground will likely increase, with improved tricks and bigger airs. But, wait a minute. It seems that Raza has already claimed the first event of the season, the Battle of the Boot, in Germany.


Dutch Flatland Skimboarding Open: the pros shine in Noordwijk | Photo: ExPix/DFSO

The 3rd edition of the Dutch Flatland Skimboarding Open (DFSO) will take place between May 23rd-24th, in Noordwijk, Netherlands.

The flatland skimboarding contest is the second stop on the European Skimboarding Cup 2015 and has attracted 40 athletes in the inaugural year. Riders from 12 countries are expected to return to Noordwijk.

The skimboarding competition runs during the Noordwijk Kiteboard Open weekend. The event gives beginner skimboarders the unique opportunity to see and learn with the best professional European skimboarders.


Skimboarding: there's science behing art | Photo: Exile Skimboards

Few things compare to the unique experience of skimboarding. Most people glance at a skimboard and wonder why it doesn't sink into the sand as soon as you step on it. Instead, you glide across the water effortlessly.

When you've mastered the sport, you can even take your board out into the breakers, skimming toward the waves and riding them for a brief amount of time, like surfers.

You might feel like a god as you rush across the surface of the water, but did you ever wonder how skimboarding actually works? There are actually a few simple physics lessons to be taught here. Read on to learn about the science behind skimboarding, and be ready to say "Whoa, dude!"