Tó Cardoso: seeking shelter in Java | Photo: Nuno Dias

Portuguese bodyboarder António Cardoso visited Indonesia and, in the bag, he brought "Seek".

Tó Cardoso is one of the best European bodyboarders. At 22, he is ready to fly higher in the world stage. The rider learned everything he knows in the challenging waves of Nazaré.

And that is why a trip to Indo would only confirm how well-adapted he is to fast barrels and vertical drops. If you "Seek" the truth, watch him stealing Hollywood-esque angles from film director Nuno Dias.


Jérémy Arnoux: local knowledge pays off | Photo: Picat

Jérémy Arnoux has conquered the Annaëlle Challenge 2014, held off the coast of Finistère, in France.

The most important bodyboarding competition in French waters was run in outstanding maritime conditions. The event is in its fifth edition, but it has never seen waves like these.

The early rounds had riders competing in 35-minute heats, with unlimited waves and the two best scores counting for the overall score. The grand final narrowed the fleet to four bodyboarders: Alex Uranga, David Le Fèvre, Jérémy Arnoux, and Pierre-Louis Costes.


Bodyboarding in 1984: claiming is believing in yourself

In 1984, the bodyboard was hailed as "the most flexible wave riding vehicle in the world." Thirty years ago, surf narrator David Stanfield introduced ESPN viewers to a thrilling new sport in "The Beach Special."

The stars were Pat Caldwell, Mark Sutton, Ben Severson, Keith Sasaki, David Cunniff, Daniel Kaimi, Jack Lindholm, "JP" Patterson, Lisa Miller and a very young Mike Stewart.

If you were born after 1984, the following video may look and feel odd. That's the way it was. But if you lived the 1980s intensely, the footage, brands and faces may look familiar and nostalgic.