Adam Keegan: getting those rails locked in

Adam Keegan and Shauna Gillett have taken out the 2014 Australian Bodyboard Titles, in four-foot waves at Gallows Beach, New South Wales.

Keegan, a former pro bodyboarder from Mount Coolum, won the Senior Mens division in the dying minutes of the inaugural Wahu Australian Bodyboard Titles held in Coffs Harbour.

"This is the first time I've competed in a national titles in close to 20 years, so I'm stoked to win it. I guess my main plan out there was to just get two good waves. Fortunately, I got that last wave in the final minutes to get the win," says Adam Keegan.


Branbon Bay, Ireland: rip currents are everywhere | Photo: Red Bull

A 14-year-old bodyboarder risked his own life to save two siblings from drowning, at The Maharees, in Brandon Bay, Ireland.

Billy Cronin, a trainee lifeguard and passionate bodyboarder, rescued brother and sister from the powerful surf conditions and strong rip currents. They had been swept 300 meters away from the beach.

"I keep thinking how I wouldn't have been there for them if I had gone home on the day or decided to go out bodyboarding in a different direction," revealed Billy.


Rere Rock Slide: two inches of water

Bodyboarders have been ridding the Rere Rock Slide, in New Zealand.

If you were complaining about riding waves in shallow waters and rocky reefs, take a look at Jenna and Jordan. They've headed to Wharekopae River and decided to document an original slide, with two inches of water below.

All you need is a bodyboard and a surf camera. Then it's just pure fun. The adventurers launched from the top of the rockslide and rode the 60-meter long track at full throttle.