Bodyboarding: learn how to walk with swim fins | Photo: Creative Commons/SayLuiiiis

Bodyboarding beginners may find difficult to walk in swim fins, but the trick is quite simple. Just exaggerate your steps.

Fins are one of the most important tools in contemporary bodyboarding. You need them catch the best waves, as fast as you can. First of all, get your leash on.

After warming up, and while walking towards the water, bring your knees up higher than you usually would, and walk in a kind of skipping action so they don't get caught as you bring your foot through.

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Amaury Lavernhe: second world bodyboarding title in the pocket

Amaury Lavernhe has conquered the 2014 Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) World Tour, in the waves of Praia Grande, Sintra, Portugal.

In the last day of competition, Jared Houston was not able to handle the pressure of the quarterfinals, and left Uri Valadao and Amaury Lavernhe chasing top honours. Four years later, the French bodyboarder would grab the trophy as the Brazilian failed to move on.

"Thanks to all of you! I am so happy. It was an incredible day. Congratulations to all riders and, to all of you. Without your support and confidence nothing could've happened," underlined Lavernhe.

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Miguel Adao: prepare for landing | Photo: FPS/Pedro Patricio

The APB World Tour title race is on, as Pierre Louis Costes e Amaury Lavernhe are forced to surf a Round 4 heat in the Sintra Portugal Pro 2014.

Despite the lack of information and video highlights, Portuguese reports tell us that Uri Valadao and Jared Houston managed to win their heats, keeping the race for the world bodyboarding trophy pretty much intense.

Houston beat Lucas Nogueira, Provençal Corentin and Gastão Entrudo in Round 3, with an impressive 16.50 heat total. Uri Valadao eliminated Jeff Hubbard, Diego Cabrera and Miguel Adão.

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