Lewy Finnegan has joined Pride Bodyboards

To kick start 2010, Pride has collected the highly lucrative signature of WA super Grom Lewy Finnegan.

He joins one of the hottest young teams in the sport including Cade Sharp, Sam Bennett, Mitch Woodland, Ben Veitch, Nick Perry, Shaun Pyne and Jimmy Williamson.

Before departing on another surf trip (try getting hold of him - its a nightmare), we caught up with him on the new signing and surfing:

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IBA Pipeline Pro

The first event of the 2010 IBA World Tour event has been confirmed at Pipe during the waiting period for the Men's event.

Entries are limited to the first 34 riders that confirm.

The event will be a half day competition and will follow the Bodysurfing event.

Dave Hubbard (current World Champion) is pumped about the concept.

"I am sooo stoked that the event has come about", said the champ.

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Lydia Ward counterattacked the shark

Lydia Ward, a 14-year-old New Zealand bodyboarder, escaped a shark attack at Oreti Beach, Invercargill.

The teenager beated the shark on the head with the bodyboard until the animal stopped biting her wetsuit.

Although the shark's teeth got to the skin, Lydia Ward was not severely injured.

It is estimated that the shark was 1,5 metres long.

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