2009 Shark Island Challenge

For over 20 years Cronulla’s Shark Island has been a proving ground for high performance Bodyboarding in Australia.

In 1997 this proving ground was extended to a selected international contingent, when a hardcore group of Cronulla locals created a competition format they named The Shark Island Challenge. The concept was simple: Invite the world’s best riders to Cronulla to surf Australia’s original wave of consequence to compete in a “winner takes all” shoot out.

Over the past 12 years the Shark Island Challenge has become one of the most prestigious events in the world, synonymous with some of the most breath taking competition images in bodyboarding history. For many years the SIC has been voted by bodyboarders world wide as the most prestigious event on the planet, and has been seen as one of the toughest contests on the tour. This year will be no different.

Although there have been some changes to the competition format over the last 7 years, the 2009 Shark Island Challenge will reinstate the original competition format: 16 wildcard invitees riders and 4 trialists will have the opportunity to compete for a $10,000.00 prize purse at Australia’s most prestigious event in a “winner takes all” shoot out.

The return to an invitees only format will ensure that the world best riders, whether they are underground, well travelled, sponsored, recluse wave hunters, or past or present world champions will be part of these selected few who will be on hand to take on the best SINGLE DAY of waves held over a 3 week waiting period.

Contest Director Mark Fordham said of SIC 2009 “The criteria for the event has always been the heaviest move on the most critical section wins. We are confident that we will get the right mix of riders to make a spectacular event”.

So in 2009 the Shark Island Challenge returns – ‘The Beast Has Been Unleashed’ - the original concept where a champion of champion is crowned. Through expressions of interest riders will nominate themselves to be one of the chosen 16 of the world’s most feared hard nuts, and granted wildcards to tackle one of Mother Nature’s most feared waves. To top it off four riders from the Brett Young Memorial Trials (to be staged at Cronulla Point 4th -5th of July) will be flung into the arena to mix it up with the freaks....

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Guilherme Tâmega leads the 2009 IBA World Tour

Chile will be the next stop for the Men and will be a Grand Slam event with 2000 points up for grabs.

Tamega will be the man to beat and is not only the number 1 seed but the defending champion.

The event will run from July 29th till August 9th and local promoter Christian "Tomate" Peralta will be praying for similar conditions as last years epic event.

Europe will be the next stop for the girls following the WWT and a string of events including the Grand Slam at Sintra will make for an intense month of competition.

After announcing his retirement at the start of the Brazilian leg, Guilherme Tamega has won the Bahia Bodyboard show and now leads the IBA Mens ratings going into Chile'.

" I am stoked to win in my home country and for sure I will now go to Chile' to defend my title" said the former multi World Champion.

Tamega defeated Eder Luciano in the all Brazilian final with Luis Villar and Fabio Rodrigues placing equal third.

Waves for the event varied from clean 5 footers to messy 2-3 footers but overall the event was a resounding success and congratulations to Flavio Brito and his hard working team on delivering two great events back to back in Brazil.

Mike Stewart has moved into number two on the IBA ratings after making the final of the Katherine Melo Pro and a solid performance in the Bahia Bodyboard show.

At "Forty something" Mike is competing against riders half his age and re-writting the rules of his generation.

"The age thing gets put on us in society but I don't subscribe to it" said Mike.

"I'm still kind of living the dream of a gromett, running my business from a laptop because its a blast to do"

"I encourage anyone out there who has brought into this society thing that they are too old to do anything to go for it" said Mike.

Imagine if Mike wins his 10th World Title before Kelly Slater?

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WBA - Womens Bodyboarding Association 

This Saturday, the 9th April, the Milkshakes Womens Bodyboarding Association  (WBA) will be holding an event at Whaley Beach, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Girls and ladies of all ages and abilities are encouraged to come along to the event.

There’s awesome prizes to be won from WBA sponsors - Hive swimwear, Milkshakes bodyboards, Hooda custom designed Hoodies, and BSC Bodyboarders Surf Co.

And for some added fun, we have created a theme for this event, which is tight and bright! We are encouraging everyone to come along dressed in their tighest and brightest fluoro 80's clothing and wetsuits!

We will be having a beach BBQ, and music playing. So everyone is welcome to come along and watch, or join in!

This event was scheduled for Anzac Day 25th April, but had to be cancelled due to the large East swell that hit Sydney's Northern Beaches. This saturday there is another swell forecast, but not as large, and from a better southerly direction. With clear skies and offshore winds predicted, saturday is looking to be an awesome day!

The WBA is a non-profit organisation that holds fun club competitions all over NSW, with beginners to advanced divisions, to cater for girls of all abilities. There are currently around 25 members of the club.

Northern Beaches locals and IBA Australasian Tour competitors Mandy Zieren, Zoe Edwards, Julia Heasman and Sylve Colless have all confirmed they will be coming along to the event on Saturday. Along with many other girls, including elite Australian bodyboarders Lilly Pollard, Emma Roby, Kaitlin Murphy, Emma Cobb, and Nicole Fleming.

All the girls will be on hand to give helpful bodyboarding tips.

Memberships start from $15 for social members, and $50 for competitors.

Any girls interested in joining us at Whaley Beach, please meet us at the Whaley beach carpark at 7.30am. If it appears the swell is too big, we will move the event north to Palm Beach.

The next planned event for WBA will be held at Sundowner Tiona on NSW's mid North Coast on 1st-2nd August.