Hywind Scotland Pilot Park: the world's first floating offshore wind farm | Photo: Statoil

The world's first floating wind farm will installed in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

The Hywind Scotland Pilot Park will be located near Buchan Deep, approximately 25-30 kilometers off the coast of Peterhead. The structure will have five, 6MW floating turbines operating at a water depth of between 95 and 120 meters.

The wind farm project will generate power for around 20,000 households. Production start is expected in late 2017, and it will cover around four square kilometers. The average wind speed in this North Sea region is around 10 meters per second (20 knots).

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Tweed Heads: drones will fly above the surf | Photo: Michael Coghlan/Creative Commons

The government of New South Wales has announced an ambitious $16 million shark surveillance plan to increase beach and surf safety.

The primary goal is to protect beachgoers and surfers. NSW's shark strategy plan includes aerial helicopter surveillance, as well as 20 high-tech listening stations positioned at known shark attack locations.

The Australian authorities will also install six barrier net trials and five clever buoy, in-water sonar technology trials, expand the shark tagging program, and publicize the SharkSmart mobile app.

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Sharks: they rule 70 percent of the world | Photo: Elias Levy/Creative Commons

Sharks are one of the oldest living species on planet earth. They've survived the most severe mass extinction events, and they rule 70 percent of the world.

Ready to learn things you didn't know about sharks? You will be amazed by how special sharks really are. Sharks are fast and intelligent, and they can only fear humans. Yes, we are their only predators.

But their body is a complete underwater machine. Their smell, sight, hearing, mouth, skin, electroreception and lateral line is a complex system built to survive and hunt in multiple environments.

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