Waves of Health: when surfing also helps others

The Dominican Surfing Federation will assist the group the Waves of Health, a nonprofit organization founded by surfing physicians dedicated to supporting community health in underserved regions around the world, in providing free medical care to the communities of Dajabón and Cabarete.

The Waves of Health was founded in 2007 by American physicians and began providing modern medical services to underprivileged communities in the Dominican Republic by bringing full medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical services to the Country.

The group completes bi-yearly missions, and on average treats approximately twelve hundred patients per trip, with the goal of treating 2,000 patients on this mission. This is the first mission for the town of Cabarete on the North Coast and plans are in development for future missions on the South coast of the Island.

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Waves: world treasures

The protection of waves has been a growing concern for Surfers Against Sewage and other NGOs around the globe for a number of years. In early 2011, SAS proposed the first International Symposium on Protection of Waves to SAS's sister organisations around the World including the Save the Waves Coalition, World Surfing Reserves, the Surfrider Foundation Europe and the Surfrider Foundation.

The conference will bring together leading campaigners, scientists, oceanographers, international experts in wave physics, coastal morphology, wave-energy generation, coastal law and economics, plus a number of people with direct experience of over-interference with coastal ocean waves, coastal planners and coastal engineers to share ideas, discuss legislation and compare the best ways of protecting global surf spots.

The conference will explore the following questions.
What is the value of waves to surfers and the wider community?
What are the threats on the waves and coastlines?
What strategies can be implemented to protect them?

The conference will be held on October 24th and 25th in Biarritz, France and in San Sebastian, Spain. For more information, please visit the conference website, where you will be able to follow the conference live.

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Rena: destroying Nature in New Zealand

A container ship ran aground on a reef in New Zealand's pristine Bay of Plenty, one of the country's top tourist destinations and an incredible surfing region.

Rena, the 775-foot ship, which originated from Liberia, struck the Astrolabe Reef about 12 nautical miles from Tauranga Harbor, and has produced an oil slick that extends about three miles from the ship.

It is esimated that up to 10,000 gallons of oil have leaked from the ship since the crash and toxic oil is now washing ashore. One of the beaches impacted is Mt. Maunganui Beach, which is a prime surfing area.

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