Redington Beach: the pier is made for kitesurfing

An experienced kitesurfer has followed the steps of Lewis Crathern and has joined the reserved club of riders who have already kite jumped ocean piers.

In Redington Beach, Florida, an intrepid kiteboarder hit the stormy waters and gusty winds to perform a kite jump over the local pier. The anonymous wind stuntman carefully analyzed the right moment to complete the stunt, before taking a decision to go.

Watch the kitesurfer jumping over the pier at Redington Beach. Jay Gartner, the man responsible for the footage, believes the rider had already done it before.

The leap of faith is not as easy as it may seem. Gusts may affect the initial part of the jump and the correct land on the other side of the pier. Only professional kiteboarders should try these stunts.

The Redington Beach kitesurfer went out to complete the stunt when Tropical Storm Debby passed over the coast of Florida. After the Worthing and the Brighton piers, in the UK, Florida opens the book of successful kite jumps over jetties.

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