IKF and KPWT have entered into a cooperation agreement.

The International Kiteboard Federation (IKF) and the Kiteboard Pro World Tour.

KPWT announced that they have entered a long-term cooperation. All events of the KPWT tour will be sanctioned by the IKF. This is a huge step forward for Kiteboarding and promises to further the sport into a hugely successful future. Both organizations look to govern the sport with a unified system of rules and rankings, which will only benefit the riders and all involved.

IKF president Andrea Siqueira Silva says: "It is exciting for us to work with the KPWT, who started the first world tour back in 1998. We are looking forward to this collaboration and to develop the sport under one umbrella and successful system."”

"I have been working on and building the KPWT since 1998. I have seen the sport grow from year to year and will continue to do my best to take Kiteboarding into the future. This is a great step for the KPWT and I look forward to the 2010 season.", Frederic Gravoille tour promoter of the KPWT stated.

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Lake Taupo

A kitesurfer was severely injured after a crashing into the shoreline rocks of the Lake Taupo, in New Zealand.

Byron Smith, a 25-year-old barman, suffered severe head gashes and was induced in coma, at the Waikato Hospital.

The kitesurfer was enjoying his time with a friend when a abrupt rush of wind slammed him to the nearby rocks. There were almost ten kiteboarders in the water.

Smith had the necessary kitesurfing experience for the actual weather conditions.

Kitesurfers jump over the Worthing pier

Two kiteboarders from West Sussex jumped over the Worthing Pier, in the United Kingdom.

In the last three years, Lewis Crathern and Jake Scrace were studying the possibility of successfully getting over the obstacle. This time, there were no more plans and delays. The intrepid riders prepared for the moment and flew over the rock obstacle.

With winds hitting 40 mph, they traveled from Goring to West Worthing to try a fantastic, yet dangerous, move. Scrace, a carpenter and kiteboard shaper, described the moment as "terrifying".

Crathern is a professional kiteboarder with lots of experience. Please don't try this at your local kite spot, as you'll put your life in danger. The kite stunt was performed in special weather conditions and with proper training.

Check the kite jump over the Worthing Pier.