2009 PKRA Sylt in Germany

The best kiteboard riders in the world are in Germany once again for the 4th Tour stop of the 2009 PKRA World Tour. For the fourth straight year, the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) is holding the competition at St. Peter-Ording - the largest beach of all PKRA Tour stops.

A total of 60 men and women are participating in this event which will run until August 2 for a chance at over 50,000 Euros in prize money.

Dubbed as the “Best Organized Kiteboarding Event in the World,” the Germany event kicked off day one with the trial elimination round of the men’s division. Cloudy skies with brief rain showers prevailed during the day. The temperature was at a bearable 18° Celsius with the winds increasing at a steady pace averaging approximately 15 knots.

Day One got underway with a 9:30 am riders meeting at the beach. The 10:00 am start was delayed by about an hour due to some technical problems so a second announcement was made by Race Director Olaf Van Tol at 10:45 am declaring an 11:30 am start. There were a total of 49 men registered so 33 battled it out in the trials. Most of the riders were on their 9 to 11-meter kites

Kiteforum.com’s founder Toby Bräuer was at the scene all day for some ultimate board-off performance to the delight of the crowd. The spectators at the beach began to gather in numbers as the day wore on to cheer for their favorite riders and see who would win a spot in the highly anticipated Singles Freestyle competition.

Around 1:00 pm, the weather took a turn for the worse. Overcast skies with sections of cumulonimbus clouds hovered along the beach forming a line of severe thunderstorm with strong winds and rain soaking the competition area.

An hour later, the announcer declared that due to the extremely high tides and strong onshore winds, the event site would be flooded and all vehicles parked at the designated parking areas would have to be moved as quickly as possible to avoid having a severely salt water-drenched vehicle.

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2009 KPWT Santa Cruz

Day two started with a 10h00 skippers meeting for all the Wave Riders and conditions were looking good.

Wave Master then kicked off at 16h00 with the first rounds for men. The riders were all very excited for the chance to get onto the water and impress the spectators on the beach.

High tide pulled in and the waves were now pushing to 2 meters with a good northerly wind at around 15 knots.

The first rounds in single elimination for men started and Cameron Dietrich (HAW, CABRINHA) looked good, using the conditions as best he could, accustomed to his big wave Hawaii style.

He will face Abel Lago (SPA, RRD) who defeated the local rider Bruno Melo in the second round. Henrique Claudio (POR), who is from the local team decided to put himself to the test and take on the worlds best! He performed well on the waves he selected, with kick-backs on the face and used the power in his kite well. He will face Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA), who came third at the first Wave Masters event in Germany.

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Sam Light

A record number of kitesurfers made the pilgrimage to north Norfolk last weekend (10-12 July) to compete in the second round of the British Kite Surfing Association national championships.

Over 50 of the UK’s top kitesurfers endured two frustrating days of calm conditions in Norfolk before the wind picked up and sparked one of the busiest days of competition in the BKSA’s history.

With all the heats in the three-day competition condensed into a single day, “Super Sunday” provided plenty of action for spectators on the beaches at Hunstanton and Heacham.

Mark Ward said: “With the largest fleet the BKSA has ever had, achieving an almost full set of results in a single day was a tall order, but we did achieve a first of running two comps at the same time.

“If the BKSA competitions continue to grow at the current rate, this event has shown that the tour will inevitably produce more world champions of the future in all disciplines. In almost all classes to get to the top you are going to have to deal with a variety of conditions and compete against opponents who want it just as much as you do.”

With Heacham providing the more favourable conditions early in the day, the competitors finally took to the water as organisers ran through the preliminary heats in each division.

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