Kiteboarding kite: flying with the invisible power of the wind

Kiteboarding is a wind sport. Apparently, it seems clear why kites catch wind and fly up in the skies. However, there are a few principles and forces surrounding kites and the sport of kiteboarding that you should understand.

The relationship between kites and wind is always the same, whether you're riding a C kite, a hybrid kite, a bow kite, an SLE (Supported Leading Edge) kite or a foil kite.

Lift and drag - plus tension and weight - are the aerodynamic forces that get into play when you're kiteboarding. In this particular case, drag - sometimes called air resistance - is the force in which wind hits and pushes the kite horizontally, just like in a simple diamond kite.

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Master of the Ocean: an event for accomplished watermen | Photo: Tony Roberts

The 13th annual Master of the Ocean will hit the tropical north shore of the Dominican Republic, between 23rd-28th February, 2015.

Defending champions Zane Schweitzer and Fiona Wylde will put their titles on the line against the likes of Omri Hazor, Luciano González, Brian Talma and more top competitors from Canada, Germany, Israel, Puerto Rico, Scandinavia and the USA.

The 12 teams of four athletes each will compete in four water sports - kiteboarding, windsurfing, surfing and stand up paddleboarding - for five days at Playa Encuentro, just outside the international watersports mecca of Cabarete.

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Wave kitesurfing: added to the 2015 PKRA World Tour | Photo: Toby Bromwich/PKRA

The Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) has introduced the Overall 2015 PKRA World Tour Title for the best rider across all disciplines.

Slalom, Freestyle, Big Air and Wave. The 2015 PKRA World Tour calls the best kitesurfers in the world to a redesigned new season. The worldwide circuit will kick off in Dakhla, Morocco, on the 18th March.

Wave kitesurfers will return to the PKRA circus with a full calendar. There will be a qualifying series at every Wave event scheduled during the 2015 season. Twenty-four men and 12 women will be in the initial Dakhla ladder, plus three local wildcards.

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