KPWT riders will be out of the IKA sanctioned kiteboarding events

Riders that take part in any KPWT events, or events under the supervision of the “IKF”, will be refused entry for all future IKA sanctioned events, for a period of one year, starting with the last day of such event.

IKA sanctioned events include all world and continental championships events in Course Racing and Speed, all events of the PKRA World Tour leading to the world titles in Freestyle and Wave, the Kiteboard Tour Asia, the Kiteboard Tour Europe, and any national events and championships counting for the IKA world rankings.

This action is based on Racing Rules of Sailing #76.

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Alex Soto

F-One in America and Cosmic Kites are thrilled to announce that Alex Soto will join their team.

Alex has on multiple occasions proved himself worthy of battling the best of the best freestyle kiteboarders in international contests. Unfortunately, lack of resources has prevented Alex from attending the full tour and having a fair shot at the world champion title.

Alex is currently the resident professional rider and instructor at the Cosmic Kite Lounge at Extreme Hotel on Kite Beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Together, Cosmic Kites and F-One will provide the structure, gear and funding required for Alex to take full advantage of growing up in a world class kiteboarding spot so he has the opportunity to take his place amongst the very best freestyle riders in the world.

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Sharks are attacking in the Florida coast

A 38-year-old kiteboarder has died after being attacked by several sharks off the coast of Florida, near Stuart Beach.

Stephen Howard Schafer was kitesurfing in an unguarded water zone.

A lifeguard even tried to rescue the kiteboarder, but he was severely wounded and unconscious and died in the local hospital.

Authorities have closed a few beaches as they have been spotting hundreds of dangerous sharks by the Florida coast, in the past weeks.

Schafer was an experienced kiteboarder. The last shark-bite fatality in Florida has occurred in 2005.