2009 KPW Essaouira

It is looking more promising however for the rest of the competition with wind arriving late on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.

After the skippers meeting at 11, Sprite gave all the riders caps and hoodies and obviously many sprites!

There was a great feeling amongst all and a picture of the occasion was taken to commemorate the fantastic moment.

Today, the riders enjoyed the swell that had arrived at the Wave spot just south of Essaouira.

They took the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the waves and work on their surfing.

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Kiteboard Tour Asia

Well it has to be said that in the end typhoon Nida has had more than its fair share of input to the 2nd round of the KTA.

Nida, which appeared in the region last week has twisted the regions weather patterns, which at the competition venue in Hong Kong has meant wind directions varying from bang on North through to South East and even beyond due South at times. In the end this sadly resulted in no further competition for the event over the last two days.

The forecasts however said different giving a force 5 Easterly for the last day in the early morning, so in full anticipation of a day of freestyle competition the riders and KTA crew moved on mass to the East flat-water bay at Shiu Hau.

But despite the early start and the stubborn resilience of one and all it was not to be. The wind again moved through from a early NE over to SW almost by the end without much of the predicted strength giving the assembled riders only one short blast of riding as it blew in from due East.

Today of course the day after the KTA has ended the wind is perfect and those riders lucky enough not to be on homebound flights, they have finally been given the chance to enjoy the great flat-water conditions at Shiu Hau.

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Peter Tyushkevich

Peter Tyushkevich is the most professional and successful Russian kiteboarder in the world. He is on the world TOP TEN and has a good chance to take the first line.

Many have dreamed to be in his place: endless trips to the most remote and exotic locations, kiteboarding and recognition all over.

For the first time Peter was born to kiters’ life on the final lap of the Cup of Russia at Black Sea Cup in 2003. And immediately he made a strong impression on the audience, judges, riders. After an unconditional victory in the first series, he moved away full pelt… to school.

Once in 2005 he became the champion of Russia in kiteboarding and winner of the national lap of Red Bull King of the Air, Peter would enter only international competitions.

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