PKRA KiteExtreme Brazil

The renowned PKRA KiteExtreme Brazil Freestyle event dates have being moved, from October 14 - 18 to November 11 – 15th (formerly Mexico’s dates). 

The exact location will be determined between Luis Correia in the state of Piaui, and Taiba in the state of Ceara, on September 12th.

Also Brazil has already confirmed the 2010 PKRA racing and freestyle events will be held together in Barra Do Cunhaú- RN, Brazil; The amazing location of the 2009 PKRA Kiteracing Brazil event, which took place two weeks ago.  The local Government has expressed their commitment to host a bigger better event and have signed up for 2010.

On the down side of the news, due to the extremely difficult situation this year with the worlds economic, the PKRA Freestyle Mexico Event has being cancelled. The organizers were not able to get the necessary support to bring the event forward.

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Let eight–time world champion kitesurfer Kristin Boese and Christian Spreckels take you to the next level and into the thrill of the waves.

Hundreds of dramatic step–by–step action photographs take you into the surf and introduce basic tricks like the cut back and olly, before you move on to more advanced tricks like riding a barrel. Each trick is not only shown with breathtaking photography, but with the added bonus of expert advice on learning each trick.

Kitesurfing in the Waves includes:

Wind and waves
Choice of location
Tips on training
Starting and riding
Turning manoeuvres
Basics for kiting in the waves
Surfing basics
Wave manoeuvres/tricks for advanced kiters

Kristin and Christian explain the equipment, how to stay safe on the water, weather patterns and wave creation before introducing you to extreme tricks.

Take your kitesurfing into the surf and experience bigger waves, longer rides and more impressive tricks.

2009 Kiteival Blackpool

You might think that the next Kiteival from the BKSA in Blackpool on a bank holiday would be sunsoaked and potentially windless!

But the BKSA Tour is carrying all the luck of the gods with it this year and the Blackpool Kitival has had the best conditions any wind obsessed being could ask for!

Friday morning the Pros rocked up to epic howling onshore conditions with the addition of just a little bit of stormy rain. The Pro men and Pro ladies hit the stage and reveled in the conditions as the heats progressed.

The points are so close at the top of the leader board as we near the end of the year, tensions were high and every place was valuable.

With some close heats, the finals called for an all star crew of local boy Ali Barret, Sam Light and James Boulding. The ladies then headed out on the smallest kites they could lay their hands on and put on an awesome show.

The girls were going for it so much in the strong wind there were a number of visits to the medical tent, with Helen Thomson hurting her foot on her board and Nicky Rudd banging her head. There was also a hospital check for Mama Bridge after a mega wipe out at the end of her heat, which got her through to the finals.

After a full check up and some morphine pumped through her she was back out of A&E within a couple of hours and back to celebrate middle son Guy’s tenth birthday.  So the girls finals saw Hannah Whitley and Nicky Rudd fighting for first and second, with Holly Kennedy in fourth place making up the numbers for the injured Steph Bridge.

Pro Men…

1st Sam Light
2nd James Boulding
3rd Ali Barret

Pro Women…

1st Hannah Whitely
2nd Nicky Rudd
3rd Steph Bridge

Day 2

Saturday morning, Blackpool greeted the British Kitesurfing Association’s second Kiteival of the year to blue skies and relentlessly strong onshore wind.  With the Pros done and dusted on Friday, it was time for the rest of the freestylers, the course racers and landboarders and buggiers to hit centre stage.  Registration was packed full, with a record number of entries.

Blackpool was out in its masses to watch the Kiteival action on the water and on the beach. The day’s riding was so spectacular with Central Pier and the Pleasure Beach rides setting up an amazing backdrop.  

Visit Blackpool’s representative said ‘Its so great to bring a major kite sports event to the beaches of Blackpool.  It really adds a different dimension to the town.’  

With Flexifoil offering free Have-a-Go sessions and North supporting the event marquee decoration, the locals and visitors of Blackpool were able to have a look at kitesurfing’s impressive equipment and have a try at powerkiting themselves.

There was action wherever you looked, with the day kicking off with the Men’s Ams and the Seniors freestyle on the water side and the landboard guys and girls putting on a terrific show on the beach.  The day continued with some great buggying, the start of the course racing comp and the Ladies’ Ams freestyle.

The BKSA staff did such an amazing job keeping the action going with the strong, gusty conditions.  The day was finally finished off with some mega action from the Juniors.  They were so brave, going for some massive tricks in the consistently strong winds and choppy water on their 3 and 4 meter kites!

The level of the juniors is amazingly high this year and they are really pushing the boundaries for kids.  The Bridge clan was out in force again.  The youngest, Tommy, the smallest rider of the event, showed an astonishing level for a seven year old and made it to the semi finals.  

The day ran like a dream with all the riders having the biggest amount of fun, so a huge shout of thanks goes to the whole race crew for their hard work!  Especially to Tony who then hit the stage with his band The Logicals at the BLCC  Club!

Day 3

With a few bleary eyes, Sunday’s action kicked off with more course races, the Landboard Juniors and some landboard best trick action.  The wind had now dropped off to a light cross-shore breeze, but there was luckily enough to get the competition all finished.

Prizegiving took place to a packed tent as the rain began to set in and the Kiteival crew headed their separate ways home or to the next windy spot before the next round of the BKSA Tour in Bridlington next weekend.
A big thanks to all the race crew for making the day run so smoothly, the first aiders for their fabulous work and the BLCC at SouthShore for hosting the rowdy riders each evening!



1st Martin Coulthurst
2nd Gary Powel
3rd Marcus Hawkins


1st Sam Moore
2nd Lewis Deaves
3rd Chris Forshaw


1st Meg Griffiths
2nd Polly Crathorne
3rd Danielle Durrant


1st Oli Bridge
2nd Dan Sweeney
3rd Scott Sloane


1st Lewis Wilby
2nd Mark Berry
3rd Ned Taylor


1st Will McKean
2nd Dave Roberts
3rd Craig Sparkes


1st Karen Cartlidge
2nd Nicola Hammond
3rd Marie Thorpe


1st Ted Polkey
2nd Greg Chilton
3rd Sam Lawman


1st Lee Harvey                       
2nd = Denzil Williams
          Jason McCafferey


1st Steph Bridge
2nd Nicky Rudd
3rd Sheryl Confue

King of Watersports Best Trick

Mark Berry for an unhooked 720 kiteloop transition on a landboard.