KPWT adds Australia to the 2010 Kiteboarding World Tour

Frederic Gravoille, Executive Director of the Kiteboard Pro World Tour (KPWT) has taken decisive steps forward in his move to secure a new location for the global Tour looking to Australia's iconic beaches and waterways as a likely addition to the 2010 tour.

With a serious commitment to nurture the growth and dominance of the world tour series, KPWT has appointed global Sports and Event marketing specialists, Octagon, to undertake a robust on-ground and in-market feasibility study that should ensure that the Tour`s global success can be replicated down-under.

In 10 short years we've taken a completely new, grass-roots sport and created a truly global series, that brings the world's best kiteboarders, hundreds of support staff and media together in some of world's most exotic locations.

Australia was the logical next step for the Series, but before getting too far down the line, it was crucial to the Event`s longevity, that both the location and the Commercial model were right and we're working hard with Octagon to make that happen. We plan to make further announcements before the end of the year, says Gravoille.

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SF classic and UltraNectar Challenge

Last weekend the Ozone Race Team competed in, without a doubt, the toughest kiteboarding race that the sport has to offer. 

The weekend of June 27-28 offered up some of the most challenging conditions that kiters have seen in this race ever. 

Attached is a history of The Classic and for the last 11 years, the UltraNectar challenge has been added to the mix as a split time race. 

When the competitor crosses the finish line after the grueling Classic, their time is taken and they are immediately in a split time race back up wind from Berkeley to the city front, The UltraNectar Challenge. 

This year was especially challenging as the wind blew over 30 mph over much of the course and there was a 3.27 knot flood going against the competitors as they tried to sail back up wind to the city front. 

This race always generates memorable individual experiences, stories, epiphany’s  and Team Ozone definitely had each of their own.

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Strategy is required when travelling with kites

Airline baggage allowances are tight and getting tighter, but there’s not much value for you in spending $3K on an airfare and arriving with only 10kg of kites to fly. Paying for the excess isn't a solution either; just 10kg overweight can cost as much as another airfare. How then to take as many kites as possible without breaking the bank?

The first answer is that kite fliers who aren't yet doing so should learn to live out of their carry-on bag (typically 7kg). It's easy, here's the male version but there is a female equivalent: wear a jersey, jacket and other heavy items such as presentable shoes and trou.

Pack five shirts, five pairs of unders, a pair of rough trou for on-the-field, and Crocs for kite flying.With toothbrush, razor and one big cake of soap, this leaves 3kg out of the original 7kg for an extra pilot kite or two.

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