As result of the work developed by the new APKite board, since May of 2008, we've reached another objective: to transform the Portuguese Kite Association into the Portuguese Kite Federation (FPKite) - Sports Promoting Association (APD).

With the existence of an APD, Kite starts to be recognized by the IDP (Portuguese Sports Institute) as a regulating entity of the sport and, therefore, the official recognition from the Maritime Authorities and Captainships, essential to develop, with solid bases, Kite in Portugal.

Now we are FPKite-APD. We've made it from a simple Association of Athletes to an Association of Clubs and Athletes.

We still aim to promote and develop the portuguese Kite, but we will be more involved with the Clubs and Associations of Athletes so that they can be the arms of our Federation.

We will also deepen relations with all sources of kite, such as Landboard, Kitebuggy and Acrobatic Parrots.

FPKite will try to create the best conditions in order to watch our sport's growth.

This is another significant step towards the evolution of the portuguese Kite and, with your confidence and enthusiasm, in order to have our sport where it deserves to be, that is, in the highest level of development.

Turnagain Arm

An unknown floatplane pilot has rescued a kitesurfer spotted drifting in Turnagain Arm, Alaska, according to the Anchorage Fire Department.

Apparently, a kitesurfer was found in distress offshore from McHugh Creek, at 17h15, Monday. As the kite was in the water, the troubled kitesurfer started waving to get attention.

When state troopers and firefighters found out that the tide wouldn't let them get a boat in the water, a mysterious floatplane landed nearby and rescued the troubled kiteboarder.

Turnagain Arm is known for its famous bore tide that occurs just outside Anchorage. It climbs up to 6–10 feet tall and can reach speeds of 10 to 15 miles per hour.

Turnagain Arm's Bore Tide is one of the biggest in the world.

ARSA Kiteboarding Classic

The ARSA Kiteboarding Classic is on again for 2009. Running for the 3rd year, this unique event is designed to encourage maximum participation among all Australian kiteboarders. This year the event will be staged over 2 days, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of June.

This weekend is a long weekend allowing the Public holiday Monday to either travel home, or stay around for an extra day of kiting.

This year the event will again be split into 2 divisions, Pro and Open, allowing all competitors a chance to compete in a level they feel comfortable with.

The focus of the ARSA Kiteboarding Classic is simply to have fun kiting in a relaxed atmosphere, meet new people and party hard. We are inviting all kiters of every level and style of riding to come and join us. Whether you are just riding up wind, or you are ripping it up at competition level, this event is for you!

In 2008 we introduced Board-a-X racing to the event, an event style that hasnt really been offered in Australia so far, and it went off with a bang. After the success in 2008, we are going to make racing a larger part of this event, making use of the prime flat water conditions and perfect spectator views. We plan to have the best race format seen in Oz yet.

This year, the Adrenalin Rush Sports Australia Kiteboarding Classic will be a free event! Yep.... a free event. The only thing we ask of you is to come with a ripper attitude, lots of kites, heaps of good times, perfect wind, and of course your dancing shoes ready to party!