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To secure and guarantee the success of the tour events, the KPWT team has once again this year built partnerships with professional sport events organisers around the world.

For 2008, three disciplines for the World ranking points and each disciplines with a world champion: Waves, Freestyle, Course Racing. Hang Time, Best Tricks for the show.

Abel Lago (SP), Kristin Boese (Ger) and Antoine Auriol (FR), will be the 2008 riders member's committees. They are working on the new points systems, Rules Book, Events requirements.

This year a new team is joining the company: Event manager, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Sponsorship Manager, KPWT magazine manager.


Aberavon Beach 

Two injured kiteboarders were airlifted from Aberavon Beach at the weekend. The pair were rescued on Saturday after separate incidents within minutes of each other. In the first incident, a teenager from Cardiff University received facial and arm injuries after his kite was blown into the promenade at the western end of the beach, throwing him head first onto the rocks.

The second incident saw a man blown 20ft into the air. A Port Talbot Coastguard spokesman said: “Luckily the casualties in both incidents were wearing protective equipment, or the outcome may have been a lot different.

“In the first incident, the teenager received treatment by paramedics before being flown to Morriston Hospital. “A short time later the coastguard was again alerted by air ambulance to another incident.


Rhino 08

Designed for intermediate to expert riders, the all new Rhino is pushing the limits of kite performance to new levels. The '08 Rhino's flat delta geometry boasts the widest wind range, fastest flying speed and most precise angle of attack control in the North kite range.

An increased number of canopy segments gives the '08 Rhino extreme profile stability making it the ultimate upwind racing machine. The deep canopy profile gives the Rhino extreme low-end power and amazing lift for long lofty jumps.

By utilizing stronger, more stable cloth and better strut distribution near tips we have further enhanced the Rhino's extreme stability and ridged structure. The reduction and repositioning of the struts makes the Rhino's turning smooth, light and direct while also reducing the overall weight of the kite.