Spider Bridle: Switch is changing the way we kite

Switch has announced the launch of the "Spider Bridle," a new short bridle system for kites that looks like a spider web.

The innovative and complex line structure includes a spider junction, which allows the kite to tip with no change in the load distribution along the leading edge.

"The 'Spider Bridle' is a combination of a foil kite bridle in the center and sort of a bridge bridle tow point in the wingtips. What happens is you have really good shape control, you have good stability, and you're able to move the tow point around without changing any of the other lines," explains Bill Hansen, kite designer at Switch.

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Kiteboarding: never as easy as it looks | Photo: Kolesky/Red Bull

"Kiteboarding Tricktionary - Twintip Supreme Edition" is the most comprehensive kiteboarding book that has ever been published.

It's heavy (1.8 kilograms), long (424 pages), and full of high-quality photographs (more than 500 shots). Michael Rossmeier, the book's publisher, has been involved in water sports for more than 20 years. He has always been a professional windsurfer, but in 2009 he discovered the exciting world of kiteboarding.

After kicking off a successful Tricktionary series in windsurfing, Rossmeier decided to embark on a new adventure. He invited kiteboarders Julian Hosp and Thomas Burblies, to help him plan, design and write the "Kiteboarding Tricktionary."

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Lighthouse to Leighton: 19 kilometers of high winds | Photo: North/Red Bull

More than one hundred kiteboarders will participate in the 2015 Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton, in Fremantle, Western Australia, on the 5th December.

The 19-kilometer marathon is Southern Hemisphere's longest kiteboarding race. The sixth edition has $8,950 in cash prizes and $4,050 in trophies for the fastest riders.

Athletes will race across the Indian Ocean from Phillip Point, at Rottnest Island, to Leighton Beach, North Fremantle. Spectators can watch the competitors ride into the finish line at Leighton Beach.

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