Aaron Hadlow: tasty victory at St Peter-Ording | Photo: Pringles Kitesurf World Cup

Aaron Hadlow and Gisela Pulido have emerged victorious in the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup 2015, at St. Peter-Ording, in Germany.

The 30-knot winds pushed freestyle kiteboarders to their limits, in the final day of competition. The Men's ultimate clash had a classic matchup: Aaron Hadlow versus Liam Whaley.

Because they were both overpowered on seven-meter kites, they couldn't land double passes. However, Hadlow nailed a Front Blind Mobe and Back Mobe 5, and Whaley completed a Double Heart Attack and Crow Mobe 5, but his S-Mobe was ruled out of the competition box.

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Ruben Lenten: ready to overcome cancer | Photo: Chidiac/Red Bull

Ruben Lenten has revealed he is suffering from cancer.

The Dutch kiteboarder explained that he wasn't feeling well lately. Lenten wrote that he had "a really strange pain in the chest and in my throat," so he decided to see a doctor.

The specialist checked his heart, lungs and blood pressure and everything seemed to be okay. So, Lenten and his girlfriend Nikki traveled to California to visit friends and embark on new adventures.

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Kite The Reef: 1237 kilometer to cure Motor Neurone Disease

A group of eight kiteboarders has broken the world record for the longest kitesurfing journey.

The adventure - named Kite The Reef - took place in the whole northern section of the Great Barrier Reef, in Queensland, Australia.

The riders sailed a total of 1237 kilometers (768 miles) between August 13th-21st. At the same time, the group raised $100,000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Research Centre, at Macquarie University.

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