Liam Whaley: he is ready to claim the world title | Photo: PKRA/Toby Bromwich

Liam Whaley and Gisela Pulido have ignited the PKRA World Tour 2014 by conquering Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam, in Brazil.

The last day of competition saw riders taking out their largest kites in the first heats. The Women's division would have a Bruna Kajiya versus Gisela Pulido final clash, a rare confrontation in the current season.

Kajiya failed to land many tricks and crashes took place. Pulido, who also wasn't having a fantastic final managed to show enough to take the overall victory. Her world title hopes are alive, but she must win the next two stops in China in order to open champagne.


Red Bull Rally dos Ventos: Alexandre Neto celebrates | Photo: Red Bull

Alexandre Neto has claimed the first edition of the Red Bull Rally dos Ventos, a new kiteboarding challenge held in the Lencois Maranhenses National Park, in Brazil.

Lencois Maranhenses is a wet desert. Confused? Forty-five kiteboarders had to face dunes up to 45 meters, and ride them down until they reach the multiple lagoons that invade the region.

The 16-kilometer race forced riders to glide over sand and water. The athletes from Ceara dominated the first ever Red Bull Rally dos Ventos.


Big airs in kiteboarding: speed means more hang time | Photo: Red Bull King of the Air

Kiteboarding jumps require a lot of training, knowledge of the wind, timing and control. Know when it's time to pull the bar to fly high, and max out your hang time.

Remember that speed is critical if you're aiming at the biggest kiteboarding air of all time. The faster you ride, the higher you'll fly. So find a nice flat water spot, free of obstacles, with steady winds.

Details matter. For example, getting your shoulders even or behind your hips will give you edge control and higher jumps. Shoulders must also move in the direction you're flying.