2009 Kiteival will be held in Mauritius

The 2009 Kiteival will be held from 31st of July to 08th of August in different stages around Mauritius in one Event!

Kiteival’s Technical Director is Nico Kux (Sindbad Ltd) our National Kite Instructor, IKO and BKSA Certified. Nico has introduced kite surf in Mauritius and organized several kite surf events and festivals. He has also successfully participated in international kite surf events and competitions.

He is assisted by Albert d’Unienville of Naïade Events who has a solid experience in the organization of major international and local (sports) events in Mauritius. With the support of Naïade Resorts, one of the leading hotel groups in the Indian Ocean, who owns resorts hotels strategically situated all around Mauritius, Kiteival has the full potential to become a fantastic annual kite surf event.

Come and kite on some of the best spots in the world and discover the most beautiful lagoons of Mauritius with KITEIVAL!

Prior to each Competition there will be fantastic down winders across the most beautiful lagoons of Mauritius among the best spots in the world!
Event/Competition for riders who take the challenge will be on:

KITEIVAL Stages and Events – General description

Exact stages dates and planning of the week (Planning of Kiteival’s Week) will be fixed according to local coastal weather forecast and conditions. This planning will be communicated to all participants at time of briefing and final registration on the 31.07.09 at 18h30.

Riding conditions may vary on the different coasts according to anticyclone’s position which will influence wind direction and strength. Kiteival’s Organizing Committee wants to take full advantage of the weather conditions in order to offer perfect conditions to participants during the different stages.

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Cabarete, Dominican Republic, welcomes a new event with the return of the KPWT Kiteboarding World Tour and its riders. It's been 9 years since the beaches of Cabarete had the pleasure of hosting this tour and a lot has happened in the world of kiteboarding since then.

Franz Olry (FR), Chris Gilbert (USA) and Christopher Tasti (FR) conquered the mens podium spots back in 2000, while Hne Richard (FR) and Andrea Wharry (UK) battled it out amongst the two of them. KPWT and The Cabarete Kiteboard World Cup are proud to present the pro riders of today to shed a light on the progression and the level of 2009 Freestyle kiteboarding.

The beaches are still the same, but we\'ll see a new assembly of riders throwing the best of the best tricks throughout 5 days of freestyle action during the first ever Cabarete Summer Fest at Playa Punta Goleta Cabarete from the 8th of July to the 12th of July 2009.

Cabarete is a famous spot in the world of kiteboarding and has excellent conditions for wind and water sports. July is one of the very best months to practise the sport on these beaches, and high season makes sure town is packed to its limit.

Cabarete Summer Fest and the KPWT event is scheduled to take place at Playa Punta Goleta, which is the connection point between Cabarete Bay and Kite Beach Cabarete and one of the most beautiful spots in the Cabarete area. Cabarete is also famous for its high number of very skilled riders, and there is no doubt that athletes like Alex Soto, Ariel Corniel, Manuel Rondon, amongst many others, will show off this level during the event at their home spot.

The Cabarete Kiteboard World Cup will be accompanied throughout the Summer Fest by activities like the national skateboarding championship and cultural activities as art & photography exhibitions and a 5 day music festival. The festival will also be hosting the Develop a Kid with Wishspring fundraising event to help improve the every day life and education of the Cabarete school children.

KPWT and the Cabarete Summer Fest is ready for take off and welcome everyone to participate in one of the biggest fiestas of the year on the beautiful island of Hispaniola in the sunny and warm Caribbean.

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Greg Norman Jr joins Cabrinha Kiteboarding

Cabrinha is proud to announce the addition of Greg Norman Jr. to its team.

Greg is not only an outstanding wakestyle rider, but he is also electrifying at the cable park and his friendly helpful demeanor will fit in nicely with the likes of Damien Leroy, Jon Modica, Clarissa Hempel, Andre Phillip, Susi Mai, Kevin Steen, Rob Douglas, Jesse Richman, David Hastilow, Cameron Dietrich, and Melissa Gil.

Also having joined teams with Ronix wake, Greg will finally bridge the gap for Cabrinha between wakestyle kitesurfing and wakeboarding, specifically cable park riding.

Greg has chosen the Switchblade kite and Custom board as his gear of choice for his riding style.

Greg's primary area of focus will be in the mainland US/Canada, but he also travels extensively to Hawaii, Australia, and the Caribbean.

Currently, Greg is filming on location the Caribbean working on a new project with ACL Productions.

Source: Cabrinha