Austin Keen: improving his hydroplaning skills

Austin Keen has shown why he is one of the most influential skimboarders of his generation. The rider from Laguna Beach showed how far skimming can actually go.

Skimboarders are enjoying the limelight as the sport keeps attracting new participants and enthusiasts to the finless movement.

This time, Austin Keen gave a new meaning to hydroplaning or aquaplaning. The pro rider and former world champion has traveled for six seconds across the surface of the water.


Shorebreak: The Evolution of Skimboarding

Skimboarding is making a come back from behind. After years in a semi-obscurity, skimming is conquering new enthusiasts and spreading its influence in the wave sports industry.

"Shorebreak: The Evolution of Skimboarding" is probably the most important movie ever in the history of the sport. Anthony Liuzzi, the directory behind the documentary, traveled with the pros and visited the most remote skimboarding communities.

The filmmaker wanted to capture the essence and soul of skimboarding, from the early roots to the next-big-thing and mainstream status. How was it back when the first skimboards hit the water, and how materials and tricks have changed since then.


Sam Stinnett: UST title number three | Photo: Exile Skimboards

Sam Stinnett and Casey Kiernan have officially been crowned the 2014 United Skim Tour (UST) champions, in Newport Beach, California.

It's all over. The world's best male and female skimboarders have been crowned in the last event of the season, the Balboa Oktoberfest.

The final stage was taken out by Blair Conklin, who secured his first contest victory of the year to finish in third place, in the final rankings.