United Skim Tour: shore break madness | Photo: Skimonline.com

The 2015 United Skim Tour season will kick off with the Cabo Clasic, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on the 22nd May.

The new season is on. The 2015 United Skim Tour calendar has been released. Basically, nothing changes. There are no dramatic changes, which is good news, after all.

Sam Stinnett will defend his 2014 world title in eight stages. The world skimboarding circuit will, once again, visit the Mexican and Brazilian shore breaks of Cabo San Lucas and Sununga.

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Austin Keen: the skim to wake trick

Who needs a car or a jet ski when you've got a boat? Austin Keen keeps impressing the board sports crew. The talented skimboarder re-invented the original concept behind skimboarding and wakeboarding.

Should this article feature in the skimboarding or in the wakeboarding corner? Because Austin Keen is a skim champion, we've decided to add it to the skimming category. However, it's easy to get confused.

The dreadlocked rider thought of something completely new, and the final result will definitely steal a smile from your face. Apparently, Keen has hijacked a boat wake. In other words, he started off as a skimboarder and ended up a wakeboarder.

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Tillman: the English Bulldog skimboarder | Photo: Natural Balance

They just love skimming. Yes, it seems like dogs are getting into skimboarding. And what really impresses is that they're not forced to ride. Dogs naturally run and glide.

We've seen a wide variety of pets riding waves on surfboards. However, they are quite often "invited" to surf by their beloved owners. In this particular case, all dogs "ask" their best friends to launch the skim board.

The English Bulldog loves water and sports. Meet Tillman, a Californian native who has already shown her skills in television series and high-end commercials. When Tillman skims, she barks and seems very pleased.

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