How to surf: she is learning very well | Photo: Una Ola Surf Camp

Are you ready to go surfing? Is there anyone you want to teach how to surf waves quickly? brings you an exclusive guide to start surfing in less than 24 hours.

First of all, get your beginner's surfing equipment. You'll need a rash guard and a wetsuit to keep you warm and confident. Then, choose a surfboard that fits your height and weight. Discover our surfboard size chart.

Surf beginners should hit the water with a large and thick surfboard in order to float easier. Finally, connect the leash to your ankle and you're ready for your first surfing lesson.

Choosing the right beach is an essential moment of your surf baptism. Opt for jetty protected beaches, low tide and summer swell. Small waves are available every time of the year. The best way to start getting used to a surfboard is by catching your first waves in the foam break of the waves.

Start paddling towards the beach before the foam hits you. By doing this you'll be pushed forward easily. Complete ten prone rides and you'll be used to the trepidation and trembling motion.

Now, you are able to get up on your surfboard. Catch the wave foam and grab the sides of the surfboard. Try to keep you body in line, with your feet together, and your chin and chest lifted up. Always look forward to the beach.

It's time to get up and ride your first wave. Choose a good white water wave and try to jump up in one single movement with your feet standing on the board at the same time. In order to keep your balance, open your arms and let them help you.

Your front leg should be a bit further up from the center of the board while your rear leg should be above the leash cup. After 25 tries, you'll be surfing. That's for sure.

Accidents in surfing happen and normally aren't a huge problem. While trying stand up, if you wipe out, make sure to jump away from the board. Protect your face and head with your arms. Hang loose and welcome to the surfing tribe.

Later, you can learn how to duck dive. Buy surfing equipment.
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