Surfboard ding repair kits: enduring longevity of your favourite stick

Surfboard ding repair kits are the best way to protect your plank from water, humidity, salt and sand grains.

Fixing dings is quite easy and can easily be done at home. Small-to-medium cracks are an open door to the self-destruction of your favorite surfboards.

Although you may repair a surfboard ding with duct tape, stickers or even wax, that will not ensure the longevity of the stick.As water keeps breaking ways in the foam, the entire board becomes fragile and may break with a small floater.

A good ding repair can be completed in 10 minutes. You don't need to be an expert or professional shaper to fix a fissure.

There are several surfboard repair kits available in the market. Ultra clear resin, fiberglass and reinforced polyester materials are everything you need to fix small and medium sized board dings. Whether you found a crack in a classic foam or in an epoxy surfboard, there's always a solution.

The Ding All Standard Repair Kit is an all-round, must have option and can be bought for $12. The Ding All Epoxy Repair Kit cures cracks in epoxy surfboards for $14.

The Ding All Q-Cell Filler is a powder material used to thicken and expand polyester or epoxy resin. If you have only one surfboard, it is worth the $14.

The Ding All Emergency Fin Plug Repair Kit has everything you need to fix your FCS fin plugs, for $19. The Ding All Sun Cure Surfboard Repair Kit, for $13, is a fast way to ding repair, that cures in minutes when exposed to the sun.

For a more professional approach, take the Solarez Pro Travel Kit for only $33. Dura Rez, by Phix Doctor, is a fiber filled ding solution which cures in only 2-3 minutes and fixes both polyester and epoxy surfboards for $11.

The Session Saver is a quick and easy fix for your damaged board so you can save your session and get back in the water. Get high quality clear vinyl ding repair stickers for your surfboard for only $15.

Click on each ding kit to buy directly from Amazon, or visit the online surf shop for more detailed surfboard ding repair information.

The surfboard ding repair kit review has been updated on the 3rd June, 2016.