Tandem Surfing: that's nice, Ju and Marie

Have you ever heard of tandem surfing? Well, imagine a couple of classic ballet dancers, a longboard and waves. There you go. Sometimes, it feels like someone is asking for a ride from the lineup to the beach and, suddenly, a dance happens.

Tandem surfing kicked off in Waikiki, Hawaii, a long time ago when local men would give tourist women a "lift". Everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the surfing experience.

Bottom turning is quite hard with two surfers aboard. Now, add a girl hoisted up on to his shoulders and imagine the difficulty level.

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Surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers and bodyboarders are Men and Women of challenges. The wave riders are always looking for new wave spots, unexplored coast lines, speed records, jump records and technological advances.

In 2011, there are several challenges to be conquered and completed. SurferToday.com has had a brainstorm session and brings you some ideas to be developed in the next year:

1. Artificial wave pools: there are several surf parks in the world, but perfection is still very far away. Surfers want long wave lines, size and a superior riding experience. Kelly Slater has started his Wave Company and may give a boost to this longtime dream.

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Gabe Kling: older is better, just like the Port wine

Gabe Kling and Lakey Peterson have been crowned 2010 ASP North American champions. The surfers from the East and West of the USA gathered enough point in the regional events to take this year's title.

Kling, 30, won the 6.0 Lowers Pro and placed very well in Prime surfing contests like the US Open of Surfing and the O’Neill Cold Water Classic California.

“With the level of competition being so high I’m really stoked to have won the series”, Kling said. The Floridian surfer recovered from a severe knee injury but has managed to consolidate his performances.

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