Zoltan Torkos: watch the fins

Zoltan Torkos is back in the game. The surfer and wave magician returns in great style after impressing the world of surfing with the first ever kick-flip while riding a wave.

Torkos has built an aura of mysticism around him. He names the strangest surf moves and never quits until it's well done. This time, Zoltan brings us another anti-surfing trick. It has been baptized the "Darkslide". Watch it.

The surfer from Santa Cruz successful turns the surfboard upside down, while riding a wave. "This can be tricky as you don't wax the bottom of your surfboard. This is a skateboard trick that was originally only done on land and invented by Rodney Mullen", says Zoltan Torkos.

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Wavejet: boost your paddling

Tired of paddling and fighting against the white water walls. The Wavejet might be for your. Meet the new motor powered surfboard, only 13 pounds heavier than a traditional surfboard.

Surfers can easily opt for turning the motor on or off by using a remote strapped to their arm in a wristwatch-like device. Wavejet can be recharged through a standard wall socket. There's no gasoline or diesel involved. You can watch the Wavejet in action.

Technology has been changing surfing and this Personal Water Propulsion (PWP) engine was designed for use in a wide range of personal watercraft, from SUP to surfboards. Wavejet can be up in a continuous run-time of over 30 minutes.

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Rio de Janeiro: there are people watching you from their homes

Everybody's ready and surf's up. The best female surfers in the world are gearing up for the 2011 Billabong Pro Rio, at the Barra da Tijuca surf peak, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It's the fifth stop of the 2011 ASP Women’s World Title season.

The exciting return to Rio promises superb surfing performances. Carissa Moore is fired up after making four Finals from four events and claiming two victories. The young Hawaiian holds a solid position as frontrunner at the moment.

"I’ve have had an amazing year so far," Moore said. "To make four Finals from four events is a really good start for me and I’m having a lot of fun. Everyone is surfing really well and I’m feeling really pushed right now by all the girls like Coco (Ho), Tyler (Wright), Steph (Gilmore) and of course Sally (Fitzgibbons)."

Sally Fitzgibbons, current ASP Women’s World No. 2, has had a breakout year of her own, making two Finals and collecting a well overdue inaugural victory at Bells Beach.

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