Hawaii Ocean Film Festival: people of the Gulf will be honoured

Opening night of the annual Hawaii Ocean Film Festival will be a tribute to both the people of the Gulf Coast and ocean volunteers in Hawaii. Generally, the festival receives independent films about marine resources, ocean recreation and our cultural connections to the sea from e...xotic, isolated, or coastal and island nations.

In the 10+ years the event has been in existance, they have never received a short film from the Gulf of Mexico or the Southern U.S. But this year, around Valentines Day, filmmaker Robbie Fisher, from Mississippi submitted the short documentary "Gulf Islands," about the The Gulf Islands National Seashore Park, the barrier islands which stretch 160 miles from Cat Island Mississippi to Okaloosa Florida.


Icah Wilmot: he could conquer the surfing world

The 2010 Makka Pro came to a magnificent close on Sunday July 19 2010 at the Makka Surfing Beach at Southaven, Yallahs Saint Thomas. Despite pro surfing entrants from Barbados, Trinidad, Philippines, Australia and the USA, Jamaica came away with the purse in the open Men’s division for the first time in the history of the 4 year old event when Icah Wilmot walked away with the US$1000.00 on offer to the winner of the open division.

It didn’t stop there either. Shane Simmonds took second ahead of third and fourth place finishers Travis Ajay of the USA and Che Lovelace of Trinidad. In the junior division Jamaica had a clean sweep with Akeem Taylor, Shama Beckford, Garren Pryce and Ivah Wilmot taking first to fourth place respectively showing that Jamaica has a bright future in regional professional surfing.


Peter Paris: charger

Clean Break is about breaking away from the every day and getting “re-charged”.

It's a six episode series designed for the web, where we have tapped two guys to travel around in search of the most adrenaline pumping action water sports - inspiring them to just let go and live in the moment.