Joaquin del Castillo: local star

Smiles and tears marked another day of great waves and surfing performances at the 2011 Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship, in Peru. Sun and glassy four-foot rides were the perfect ingredients to a decisive moment in the contest.

Señoritas and Caballeros saw 24 surfers in each division making it to the third round with very good shows. As of today, there’s not a single country in the event with all of their surfers in the winners bracket. Hawaii, Brazil, USA have nine surfers on the main event, Australia and South Africa 8, Tahiti, France and Peru follow with seven.

Punta Hermosa’s Joaquín Del Castillo, was the Under 16 Boys standout at Señoritas. Local knowledge proved to be key in the small conditions with Del Castillo nabbing a 13.84 to beat Lucas Silveira (BRA), Kanoa Irigashi (USA) and Dune Kennings (NZL).

"The waves were better yesterday so I had to wait a lot before taking the first one," said del Castillo. "Patience paid off because I ended up surfing a really good one that gave me over seven points. That left me in a good position to wait for another one. I know this wave, that’s why I was able to find the other one that gave me the victory."

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Andy Irons: a troubled life

The Andy Irons' family have issued an official statement regarding the delay of the Hawaiian surfer's autopsy and toxicology report. Many media sources have been reporting facts that aren't correct.

"Contrary to what was stated in a May 19th email sent out by Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney Ashley Fourt to members of the media, the Irons family did not request the extension of a motion to block the release of the autopsy results for Andy Irons due to be released by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner today", says the Irons' family statement.

Apparently, "a lawyer in Dallas, operating without authorization from the family, made a unilateral decision to request a delay on behalf of the family as a way to provide sufficient time for the 10-page toxicology report to be translated into laymen's terms and prevent the risk of its being misconstrued or misunderstood".

The family of Andy Irons wants "the media and public to know that we have been anticipating the results for six months and were prepared to greet the release of this information with honesty and forthrightness".

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The Wedge: fired up

The best surf spots in the world have been fired up, in the last weeks. A global birth of great swell has attracted thousands of weekly surfers to the most famous wave peaks around the planet.

In Newport Beach, the infamous "The Wedge" had more surfers and bodyboarders than a shopping mall on Christmas Eve. Waves reached the 15-foot range and the bigger ones were more like shore breaks. That's it, May 19th, thanks to a South Pacific swell.

There were TV stations, photographers, anonymous citizens and crazy wave riders out in the water. Of course, wipe outs stood as the main attraction for many in the beach, but the best surfed waves were really outstanding. Watch all the action.

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