Brent Dorrington: he should thank Roman Cloitre

Brent Dorrington has conquered the 2011 O'Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland, at the small waves of Thurso East. The 24-year-old Australian from the Gold Coast defeating Jay Quinn in inconsistent 2-3ft (1m) rides.

The new Lord of Scotland now leads the O'Neill Coldwater Classic Series overall rankings. Dorrington was on fire during the last day of competition. In the semi-final, he defeated Richard Christie with a combined two-wave total of 18.50 points out of 20. The sword would be in his hands soon. Watch the final highlights.

"I have never won a comp in my life so to be in a final and win it is truly amazing. I’m on top on the O'Neill Coldwater Classic Series now," said Dorrington. "l am looking for the bonus at the end of the series and the points from this contest are really important to me. It has just pumped here this week and it has been the best waves I’ve had in a comp."

Dorrington had never experienced the freezing waters of Thurso and decided to compete thanks to encouragement from good friend and fellow competitor Romain Cloitre.

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Christophe Allary: riding the Scottish highway

Outstanding surf lines returned to Thurso East for the Round 2 of the O'Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland, where Joan Duru and Alain Riou delivered full swing performances in the 6ft (1.5m) waves of the Scottish reef.

Duru was on fire and confirmed the deepest barrel of the day to score 9.10 out of 10 possible points in a ride. "The waves are pumping now," stated Duru. "The bomb came to me and it was perfect and I was lucky so it is sick. I have never caught a wave like that here and before my first heat was a little cross-shore, perfect for doing big turns and now it is only barrels."

"I like surfing on my backhand," continued Duru. "The wave is strong and my board is good so I want to go as far as I can in these waves at this contest."

Alain Riou, 27, who was first up after the contest had been placed on hold due to the low tide, sprung out of the starting gate linking a series of critical backhand smashes on two consecutive rides in the first 10 minutes of his heat, to claim a 17.34 out of 20 heat total and advance comfortably through to the following round of competition.

"The tide was a bit too low before and the guys were surfing on the kelp but now the tide is coming in and it is definitely better with the wind dropping off. There are some really nice waves out there now."

"I was the only one on his backhand in that heat so sometimes it is an advantage," continued Riou. "The judges see that your turns are good and then let the other three guys hassle to see if their forehand turns are any good."

Riou, one of Europe’s most experienced surfers on the Asp Star Tour, is currently ranked nº 127 after a slow start to his 2011 campaign and hopes to move up the rankings ladder to increase his chances of competing in the all important Asp Prime events coming up.

Christophe Allary, 26, survived two nail biting heats to eventually advance into Round Three and gained confidence with his performances today in the quality conditions. An interference call did little to stop the young Frenchman from keeping his head and securing second place in the dying moments of his 30-minute clash.

"I’m really happy and at the last 10 seconds again I got through. It was tough because being a point break everybody is paddling up the point and you can’t sit in the place you want to."

Yuri Sodre narrowly scraped through to Round Three in a low scoring tussle relying on tactics and wave selection to claim the small score required to advance. Sodre had a similar performance in his day-one heat and is yet to step into top gear.

"I got through again but I don’t know what is happening at the moment. It was scary because there are so many good waves and I didn’t get any again but in the end I got the wave I needed to go into the next heat."

Heat 1: Joan Duru (FRA) 12.93, Jay Quinn (NZL) 8.73, Dion Atkinson (AUS) 8.50
Heat 2: Yujiro Tsuji (JPN) 13.54, Tim Boal (FRA) 12.34, Marc Lacomare (FRA) 7.13

Maxime Huscenot: the spray master

Maxime Huscenot and Joanne Defay have conquered the Yop Reunion Surf Pro Junior and the Rexona Girls Pro Junior, in Trois Bassins, Reunion Island.

With clean four-to-five foot (1.5 meter) waves allowing some of the best levels of surfing ever witnessed on an ASP European sanctioned Pro Junior event, the final day was a mix of exceptional progressive surfing, smart heat tactics and full-on commitment for a stunning show.

"It’s the best feeling to win for my first event ever as a professional surfer in Reunion Island, at home," Huscenot said. "Event officials couldn’t have made a better call by holding things for today as we enjoyed some of the best surf conditions I’ve ever seen in a junior event. To win in such waves, in front of my friends, is just ideal."

Huscenot, a former ASP World Junior Champion (2009) and ASP European Junior Champion (2008), unleashed some of his best tactics and backhand surf to find his way through to victory, the event’s local favorite leaving few chance to his opponents to counter him.

"It’s been a great day and I felt good and in rhythm," Huscenot said. "I got some solid scores earlier in the day and it helped me get confidence and relax for the final. I was young when I first won the European title and it’s definitely one thing I have on mind right now as this win may be of good help to try and chase a second crown. However, I am focused 100% on the ASP Star and Prime Series so I hope I’ll find the time to attend other junior contests."

Runner-up Dimitri Ouvre was throwing fins out, turns and reverse airs round after round but was not able to counter the unstoppable assaults of the former ASP World Junior Champion in the final.

In the women’s division, former ASP European Women’s Junior champion Joanne Defay had opened the Reunion kids’ domination roll earlier, claiming the Rexona Girls pro Junior in front of runner-up and fellow local Canelle Bulard. Defay, using her impressive powerful carves and wave pick to post a series of high coring waves and eventually take the win.

"I am overwhelmed with joy right now and couldn’t have thought of a better finish in front of my home crowds," Defay said. "The waves were great and I caught quite a few lefts to build momentum through the day and it paid off all the way though to the final. Congratulations to all organisers and Canelle for her run."