Surf companies: red, black and white power

The surf industry is worth $20 billion. Four companies control more than 75% of the world market. Footwear, clothing, accessories and apparel are the major source of revenues, while gear and surfboards only stand in a discrete place in the sales ranking.

There are hundreds of surf brands, but only Quiksilver (Huntington Beach, California), Rip Curl (Victoria, Australia), Billabong (Queensland, Australia) and O'Neill (San Francisco, California) are really dominating the future lifestyle trends.

Interestingly, that's two US and two Australian surf brands. It is also very curious to look at their logos. Has you might have noticed, these four emblems communicate several official logos.

Colored, classic, girlish, boyish, smooth and gnarly. Surf logos are constantly being adapted to each situation. You could call them alternative logos to the official ones.

The original logos displayed in the official websites for Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Billabong and O'Neill have several similarities and differences between them. If you look carefully, there are three main colors in use: red, black and white.

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Hanna Park: great for surfing

The Florida Surfing Association is preparing the "Silent Surfing" program, a surf event held for those challenged without hearing.

Deaf surfers will have the opportunity to enter the world of surfing, on May 21st, in Hanna Park, Lot 8. This is the first program in the world of its kind.

The FSA team wants to share the joy of riding waves, commonly known as 'surf-stoke'. "It began with a simply comment on Facebook, by Amanda Tapley, who suggested we had subtitles to our Super Grom Surf Fest video from last summer so that deaf children could better understand and enjoy the video", says Paul West, director of the Florida Surfing Association.

Amanda herself is deaf and a graduate of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) in Rochester, New York. The "Silent Surfing" will have a a student, a professional instructor and a signer going out into the water, in groups, providing direct one on one constant supervision and instruction.

Those interested in participating should visit their website or contact Paul West.

The Endless Winter - A Very British Surf Movie: because summer in England is quite rare...

"The Endless Winter - A Very British Surf Movie" will be the documentary that follows pro surfers Alan Stokes and Mitch Corbett through the roots of the British surf culture.

Level Films will be gathering the finest footage from the very beginning of wave riding in the land of Her Majesty The Queen. The black and white VHS memories, the early rides, the longboards of the past, the first surfers and the VW surfer van will all be featured.

Stokes and Corbett will meet the iconic surfer of Great Britain while setting off on a coastal road trip to trace the wild and unusual surf related facts and history. Watch the teaser.

The surf movie will also record the testimonies of Roger Mansfield, Malcolm Findlay, Nigel Semmens, Peter Jones and Geoff Tydeman for the future generations of British surfers understand more of their sport's past.

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