Waimea Bay: there's a secret reef out there

The Hawaiian surfers are preparing for a very special big wave surfing contest. The Outer Reef Chance 'Em Big Wave Invitational 2011 will be held on the North Shore of Oahu, in a secret outer reef spot, located west of Waimea Bay.

There's a brand new format: two teams of sixteen goofy and regular footers will battle for the best and biggest waves. Proceeds will be used in the creation of surf clubs in the Hawaii's public state schools and in the local lifeguard organization.

The non-governmental organization "Save the Surfers" is supporting the event by raising awareness for safety procedures while surfing big waves.

The Hawaiian pro surfers competing in The Outer Reef Chance 'Em Big Wave Invitational 2011 will be signing autographs and offering several giveaways to everyone.

Waves of 2010: Slater, Douglas, Albeau and Lavernhe

The year 2010 is over. What were the highlights in the surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding fields?

A lot has truly happened, just like in life. In surfing, Kelly Slater has clinched the historical 10th world title. No one has ever done it the way the Floridian did it. Unfortunately, the surfing community also cries the loss of Slater's friend and rival, Andy Irons. Andy leaves us very early. We still had a lot to say to him, we still had a lot to learn from him.

In kitesurfing, the bad and the good coexisted. The KPWT entered a useless war of governing bodies and lost it to PKRA, the official kiteboarding world tour. Also on the bad side, deaths during kiteboarding sessions are still there, every week, every month.

Let's play it safe for the sake of the sport. On the bright side, Rob Douglas has recaptured the world speed record, beating the ultra modern trimaran l'Hydroptère. The US kiteboarder is the fastest sailor on Earth with a 55.65 knots record.

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Andy Irons: everything will be alright, mate

The Andy Irons' autopsy report will not be released until the 20th May. The Texas court approved Lyndie Irons' petition to delay it, as "intense news frenzy" and "innuendo of drug use" might detract the husband's right to respect.

Also, Lyndie believes delaying the autopsy findings will allow a more accurate research and report from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Andy Irons is a winning brand. The pro surfer was a great competitor, an incredible family man and a joyful friend. SurferToday.com does not agree with the public release of the autopsy report and won't publish any final result. Andy and his family have right to privacy and respect for their memories and lives and that type of information doesn't add anything to his legacy.

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