Gold Coast: probably the best surf city in the world

Cities are great places to surf. When you have little time, between work and studies, a city beach break can be an excellent option to relax and have fun with friends. City surfing is growing because the global population is moving further to the urban regions.

Many world cities have local beaches with very interesting surf conditions, webcams and by-the-sea cafés where you can have a sandwich and beer after your ride. Many surfers can even travel by underground or buses, with their surfboards, to the local peak.

There are thousands of surf cities on Planet Earth. has selected some of the best urban surf spots for you to enjoy a few waves in lunch time. Park your car, have a quick snack and hit the surf. Enjoy, because in 45 minutes, you will be back to work.

In North America, it's almost like an impossible mission to name the best. There are hundreds of great surf cities. Huntington Beach is a classic.With theSurf City in its name, this is the perfect picture of California, waves, surfers and piers.

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Cité de l'Océan et du Surf

Biarritz is one of the many European surf cities. The quality of the waves of the South of France is undeniable. Many surfers from England, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Germany head to this prime surfing destination to enjoy nice long riders, great food and hospitality.

The city of Biarritz will be debuting an innovative museum. The "Cité de l'Océan et du Surf" will raise awareness for the multiple opportunities and knowledge given by oceans. Also, visitors will learn the most interesting scientific surf issues, such as hydrodynamics.

The project is designed by Steven Holl Architects and will be located near the beach and the sea. The futuristic lines of the building are quite impressive. It is intended to express the concept of being 'under the sky' and, at the same time, 'below the sea'. Also, the concept explores the tide movement of the oceans.

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Surf reports: know before you go | Photo: Ingrid Taylar/Creative Commons

Surf reports are everywhere. Today, you can look at a report for a certain spot to anticipate the wind and wave conditions for the next few days. Forecasts are accurate, though not 100% perfect. With the help of open data provided by ocean buoys, the number of online surf reports has grown.

Some are more technical, while others are visual and graphic. There are two main types of surf reports: those that are mainly geared toward surfers and bodyboarders (wave and swell reports and forecasts), and those that target windsurfers and kitesurfers (wind speed and direction reports and forecasts). Both rely on a shared system of information in order to be reliable.

The most famous surf reports are those provided by our friends at Surfline and Windguru. Surfline's history has more than 20 years. Surf forecaster Sean Collins has developed a detailed, accurate and understandable model to use in order to predict the quality of the waves in just about every world surf spot.

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