Betzy: congratulations, girl

The sun was high at Haleiwa, Hawaii, when the first ever World Miss Reef 2010 was finally crowned.

The Miss Reef contestants came from all over the globe, but there was only one beauty winner. A total of 11 girls joined the classic event in the incredible hot day.

Regional Miss Reef contest winners from the Netherlands, Indonesia, Barbados, Peru, Panama, Argentina and the U.S. awed the judges with a diverse range of exotic beauty, poise and charm.

Watch the final highlights. But the overall winner is Betzida Herrera (4), from Panama. Miss Reef Argentina, Natalia Baccino, took third place, while Miss Reef Peru, Vanessa Tello, took second.

Congratulations to the new World Miss Reef 2010! Betzy won $5000 and a guaranteed spot in the 2012 Miss Reef Calendar.

Watch the 2011 Miss Reef Calendar video.

Al Hunt: not easy watching the others get the best waves

Al Hunt, the "eternal" tour manager of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), has finally reached a personal goal.

He is about to reach the 1000th IPS/ASP sanctioned event. The mark will be conquered after the Reef Hawaiian Pro and Cholos Women’s Pro, which means the O'Neill World Cup or the Gidget Pro.

The historic ASP Tour Manager has attended the following surfing events:

Junior: 39
Longboard: 68
Women WT: 154
Women Star: 156
Men WT: 141
Men Star: 354
Spec: 87

That's a total of 999 surfing events. One Ocean, Four Sports

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