CoastOut Surf: gay only

The CoastOut Surf Event 2010, the first ever Gay and Lesbian friendly surf event in Australia will be held on 31 October 2010, at Park Beach, Coffs Harbour.

The CoastOut surf comp is all set to go in 2010 with a highly professional team of organisers, commentators and accredited judges from Surfing NSW.

We are putting together a fun yet professionally run surf competition, which will be held over one day of the festival.

This event is mobile and will take advantage of the best surf conditions.

There are great prizes and amazing trophies up for grabs for the finalists and we will all be celebrating the winners of each division at the Coffs Harbour Surf Club that evening at the CoastOut Beach Party.All competitors receive a CoastOut competition T-Shirt.

CoastOut Surf Competition will have four divisions:

Open Women $500 cash plus prizes
Open Men $500 cash plus prizes
Junior Girls - Trophy & great prizes
Junior Boys - Trophy & great prizes

Paige Hareb: be careful, girl

Paige Hareb escaped a very serious accident, yesterday, in Teahupoo, Tahiti.

As she was catching her first wave of the session, Brazilian Silvana Lima dropped in and forced Hareb to find the less dangerous way. Nevertheless, she had to duck dive in the shallow waters and got cut in the reef.

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Billabong Surf Trip: Tiago Pires is stoked!

The Surf and Gaming media got its first hand’s on look at Billabong’s new surf video game yesterday in the conference room at Bong Headquarters in Irvine California.

Billabong Surf Trip was received by both members of the surf media and gaming editors and bloggers from all over the gaming world.

“My overall experience with Billabong Surf Trip was a good one,” wrote Matt Dunn from the prestigious game site Touch Gen. “The waves are sweet, the controls are solid, and the various maneuvers actually require some skill and timing to pull off.”

The game is a joint project of Apple, Chillingo (the top video distribution group) Biodroid and Billabong. It will be out sometime later in the season, and looks like it has caught the interest of both surfers and gamers with some interesting new features.

“It’s the first game to have wave technology that changes features not only at every surf break but on every wave,” said Brad Vandenberg, Billabong Graphic Designer who has been playing a prototype of the game for several months now. “It makes it a unique surf game.”

Billabong Surf Trip: crazy aerial game
Top surf stars Taj Burrow, Maya Gabiera and Tiago Pires were also on hand and gave the crowd some of their thoughts on how the game had been developed from the surf aficionado’s viewpoint.

“Biodroid, the developers of Billabong Surf Trip, said they spent almost 6 months on the algorithms for the procedurally-generated waves in this game, and it definitely shows,” wrote Matt Dunn.

“I’m a big video game water nerd, so when I’m impressed with water in a video, it definitely says something.”

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