Alan Stokes

The Animal team cleaned up the top spots of the UK Pro Surf tour in Newquay at the weekend.

Alan Stokes claimed the overall men's open title and Gwen Spurlock became overall women's open champion too. This is a great finish for Gwen who has taken home the Welsh Junior and British Junior title already this year.

After the stormy conditions provided by Mother Nature on day one, meaning the event was moved to Towan beach, the competition returned to Fistral. Day two saw a challenging chunky 6ft swell and a strong cross-shore SSW wind testing the competitors. On the beach each heat of the day was watched closely by the onlookers to find out who would win overall.

Stokesy secured the UK Pro Surf Tour title defeating rivals Tom Butler and Reubyn Ash in the semi finals despite a strong performance from Tom Butler throughout each of the rounds. Alan kept on top with some solid scores getting a 7.5 and 8.33 in the semis to clinch the title and take the championship title home on solid form.


Surfing Australia's office in Coolangatta

A large gathering of surfing dignitaries from all over Australia enjoyed the official opening of Surfing Australia’s new headquarters at Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. Formerly based in northern NSW at Casuarina Beach, Surfing Australia’s move to Coolangatta was motivated by the need to better position itself in a surf and business related area.

“This move strategically positions Surfing Australia in a more business orientated environment for our commercialisation process.” said Surfing Australia’s Chief Executive Officer Andrew Stark. “Nationally and Internationally the Gold Coast is recognized as surfing’s heartland” added Stark

“This year’s Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Men’s World Champion will be a Gold Coaster whether it be Mick Fanning or Joel Parkinson and there’s every chance Gold Coast’s Stephanie Gilmore will successfully defend her ASP Women’s title as well and it’s essential that Surfing Australia is well established in this perfect business and cultural environment.”

Surfing Australia’s High Performance Training Centre will appropriately stay at the Casuarina Office utilising the wide variety of surf breaks on the Tweed Coastline along with the outstanding training facilities in the Casuarina Precinct while the head office in Coolangatta caters for the ten full time staff attached to Surfing Australia.


Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau

It's the story that sets an event apart. There is no fabricating the life of a man, the gigantic waves he rode with a passion, or the venue of symbolic cultural importance where he rode them.

What began as a local tribute to one of Hawaii's favorite surfing sons in 1984 - the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau - took on a life all its own. And the story is the reason why we will celebrate 25 years of the event this winter, perpetuating Aikau's life, legacy and spirit.

The universal appeal and strength of "The Eddie" is a testament to the human spirit it honors and that we all seek to connect with: a life lived with passion, dedicated with meaning, and exited from heroically. Aikau was all that. And this is his story.

Just 31 when he lost his life in an attempt to save others, Aikau has physically been gone now for as long as he was here: 31 years.

But far from being forgotten, his life, the waves he rode, and the lives he saved on his ancestral grounds at Waimea Bay have become a part of Hawaii's story, passed on from person to person around the world, like a wave seeking shore. Aikau is not just a part of surfing history, but a life story woven into the fabric of Hawaii.