Wildcard Pro Surfing 

Excited by the iPhone platform, the team at TG have steered away from traditional mobile games development to focus on the breakthrough format and are about to release their debut title 'Wildcard Pro Surfing'

Do you have what it takes to be crowned Pro Surfing Tour World Champion?

You take control of amateur surfer Jonny Carver who has been given the ultimate opportunity to further his surfing career, the chance to score a Wildcard entry into this years Pro Tour. Impress the judges during this Wildcard event and you will find yourself touring the worlds best breaks and competing against the pro surfing elite with the ultimate aim of being crowned world champion!


As you progress through the competition you will visit various breaks and locations around the globe including Norway, Mexico, USA and Australia. One minute you might be busting an aerial maneuver above a 6 foot beach break in Mexico and the next you could find yourself pitted deep inside a 12 foot monster barrel 20 miles off the west coast of the USA. Win all events in a single season to unlock a secret location where the sky is the limit!


With over 1000 different trick combinations available you will constantly discover new and rewarding ways to score points. Combine Airs, Indy Grabs, Tail Grabs, Rodeo Flips, Kickflips, Heelflips, Shuvits, Alley Oops, Double Flips, Fins Out, Carving Style, Barrels and more to achieve maximum scores.


Stall in the pit of a 13 foot monster reef break and ride the barrel long enough to experience the sudden rush of adrenaline as the wave blows you out in a cloud of mist. Emerging from the depths with arms raised high as you bask in the glory of a perfect tube ride. Don't let the wave consume you or you will feel the wrath of the sharp rocks below as you wipeout.


Blake Ainsworth 

An amazing day of big wave surfing at the inaugural Fantastic Noodles Intense Wave Challenge 09 held in perfect surf up around the serious 15 feet range (4m plus!) in South Australia.

What a day for Gold Coast surfer Blake Ainsworth who won his biggest ever event and pocketed $11 000 for the win, tube riding his way to a well deserved win over local South Australian charger Josiah Schmucker.

“The best day of my surfing career by far” commented an exhausted and elated Ainsworth after his final.

“The waves were incredibly big at times but also perfect and barrelling and to win today means a lot to me, especially with everyone charging so hard and scoring big through just about every heat – it’s been awesome.”

There were numerous stand-out performances throughout the day which was designed to expose the next breed of Australian’s heading for the world tour to the serious side of facing your fears and charging really serious waves – and there’s no doubt today’s experience went a long way to hardening these young chargers.


Wiggoly Dantas 

The second day of action of the ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS) 6-Star event saw twenty heats run in smaller but still consistent four to five foot (1.2 to 1.5 meter) waves, Round 1 being completed before event top seeds could paddle out to get their campaign started. While Gold Coast resident Brent Dorrington (AUS) was dominating the last battles of first round, event favorites could get ready for their opening encounters.

After a morning of tricky heats where competitors had difficulties to get over the 13.00 point result mark except for Dorrington’s solid 16.00-point performance, Round 2 brought another standard of surfing with top seeds stepping-up to score big. Brazil’s Wiggoly Dantas (BRA), 19, was unquestionably the day’s standout posting a near perfect 9.83 point ride en route to winning Heat 6 with the best result of the event thus far, 18.33 points (out of a possible 20) to start off his event run.

“It was a good heat for me and to start an event with a high-scoring result is definitely good,” Dantas said. “That wave walled up pretty well and I went for classic and powerful turns and it paid off so I am really happy with my run. I broke my board this morning and had to get a new one for that heat. Apparently it is working pretty well!”