Flowrider: when ocean's gone flat

Surf gone flat? Surf report got it wrong again? That doesn’t matter anymore because the Flow Rider has come to Cornwall. Now you can surf every day of the year no matter what the conditions are like, at The Loop, Retallack Resort & Spa.

By generating a thin sheet of water, no more than 3 inches deep, that flows over a stationary wave, you can carve & turn, ride up & slide down the simulated wave surface.

The Flow Rider at The Loop gives you the experience of surfing, skateboarding & snowboarding in a self-contained & safe environment.

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Taylor Jensen: drop knee surfer

Taylor Jensen (USA) successfully defended his title at the Noosa Festival of Surfing today, crushing the hopes of local favourite Josh Constable (Noosa) to walk away with his second consecutive Golden Breed Mens Pro LQS title.

Riding his lucky Laguna Bay surfboard that took him to victory here in 2009, Jensen was selective about his wave choice today, securing an early heat lead off a 7.75 (out of ten) and backed it up with a 6.65 (out of ten) to edge out Constable who placed second, with Christian Wach (USA) and Jackson Close (QLd) in third and fourth places respectively.

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Tamaroa McComb: hidden in a secret tube

Tamaroa McComb (Tahiti) has earned what seemed rightfully his, securing a fairytale victory at the TNS Rangiroa Pro Junior in Taumoto, Tahiti today.

McComb defeated Australian Mitch Crews, posting a perfect ten-point ride in the final to with the heat with 15.50 two-wave heat total to Crews’s 14.25 (both out of 20.00).

“I am so happy!” said McComb. “This is the best thing ever, it is the biggest contest I’ve won in Tahiti for sure!”

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