Stand Up Paddle Surfing enters the Australian National Surfing Titles

Australian Titles will this year be decided for the first time in the rapidly growing and now well established discipline of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Surfing.

Surfing Australia announced the inclusion of the Open SUP division into the Country Energy to be run at Port Macquarie during August.

Globally, Stand Up Paddle Surfing has grown in popularity incredibly over the past three years with an abundance of surfers, longboard and shortboard surfers, including a stand up paddleboard in their essential quivers and many dedicating themselves 100% to this discipline.

“The quality of Stand Up Paddle surfers emerging throughout Australia and the world is exciting and there’s many past and present champions of the sport of surfing now very competent and devoted Stand Up Paddle surfers” said Surfing Australia Chief Executive Officer Andrew Stark.

“Take the two finalists at the recent Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, Joel Parkinson and Adam Robertson, both often seen in the line up riding waves on Stand Up Paddleboards, and then look at past champions like Luke Egan, Tom Carroll and Simon Anderson, all keen riders” added Stark.

“Stand Up Paddle Surfing has established itself in our sport and we are delighted to incorporate it into our Australian Surfmasters this year – the inaugural champion will take a special place in surfing’s history!”

Judging criteria for the Stand Up Paddle surfers have been formulated by the International Surfing Association with an emphasis on use of paddle in performance surfing and radical manoeuvres. The criteria will shortly be available through via


Surf movie «Walking On Water» heads to London for UK premier

From the insightful mind of professional surfer Bryan Jennings comes "Walking On Water", a film that about finding faith on the journey of a lifetime. "Walking On Water" will be shown on Wednesday, May 26th, in London, for its UK premier.

After a successful US East Coast tour of "Walking On Water", the home premiere of the film on Jan. 24 at the Rock Church in San Diego was a huge success, with more than 2,000 people in attendance.

"The response has been incredible from surfers and non-surfers, from young and old ... and everyone loves it. Everyone has said that they really enjoy watching Luke and Tyler [who are the focus of "Walking On Water"], and getting to know them in the movie," he says. "I think everyone just loves watching the surfers. The main response that we get is that it’s a beautiful film and it’s fun to look at the beautiful waves and the beautiful creation throughout the world."

The story behind the story is as powerful as the film itself. Jennings, who himself went on a life-changing trip at 14, pays the lessons he learned forward, taking young surfers Luke and Tyler around the world. "Walking On Water" documents the pair, who experience life while witnessing the ups and downs throughout the world in places like Hawaii, Peru, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa and France.

"I thought it would be so great now that I've grown up and gone through my own challenges in life to bring a couple of kids around the world, and to then make a movie about seeing life through their perspective as they’re going and seeing this world for their first time," Jennings says.

In the process, Jennings says, viewers also gain tremendously from seeing the film, which was released in September 2007.

"I hope the adults in the audience would maybe come away with remembering what it was like to be child," he says. "For the children in the audience, I would hope they would come away with some more mature perspectives on life."

In addition to the larger-than-life presence of Luke and Tyler, World-renowned surfers like three-time World Champion Tom Curren, twin brothers CJ and Damien Hobgood, "soul surfer" Bethany Hamilton and many others star in the film.


Glen Hall wins The Saltrock Open to debut the 2009 UK Pro Surf Tour | Photo: Jason Feast

The benchmark has been set for the UK Pro Surf tour – and what a benchmark! A Phenomenal standard of surfing prevailed across the weekend. Fantastic weather, consistent, clean swell and a great turnout to watch what proved to be the best start to the tour yet.

Saturday stood out as possibly the best conditions for The Saltrock Open to date and an exciting surprise for those on celebrity watch as British comedian Justin Lee-Collins turned up to compete in his first ever surf contest. After a 15 minute heat with Russel Winter, and local talent’s Scott Rannochan and Lynden Wake Justin said ‘This is just so great and has been very fortuitous as I was meant to be competing in Newquay in the English Nationals but due to a perforated ear after a sky diving experience it was postphoned to The Saltrock Open. You guys have been great and it’s been fantastic to be able to take part’. Only a month after taking up surfing Justin Lee Collins gave a very credible performance in Croyde’s challenging conditions, managing to score two waves during his heat.

The main competition started on Sunday having been delayed from Saturday to wait for the building swell. Accompanied by great weather and large crowds the best of the future British talent was on display for day one of the The Saltrock Open and they didn’t disappoint. Starting the day with a small but clean 1-2ft the waves built to a solid 3-4ft by the afternoon. Spectacular surfing from Lewis Clinton of Newquay helped him clinch the pro junior final. 2nd was Luis Eyre followed closely by Jaycee Robinson and Toby Donachie.