Supertubos in Peniche confirmed by ASP for the 2009 Rip Curl Pro Search

Rip Curl International has today officially announced that the coastal town of Peniche, Portugal, will host this year’s Rip Curl Pro Search, Stop No. 9 of 10 on the 2009 ASP World Tour - to be held October 19 to 30.

The location has been a mystery to most all season, but today’s official press launch in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon unveiled the secret to media and the surfing industry.

"We’re excited about today’s announcement and even more excited to see the industry’s reaction to our decision to hold this year’s Rip Curl Pro Search in the beautiful country of Portugal," said Scott Hargreaves, Rip Curl Event Manager. "The country has a lot of great waves and we’ve decided to lock in Peniche’s ’Supertubos’ as our event spot. It’s a five-star wave and one of the best beachbreak tubes in the world!"

Supertubos is a powerful A-frame barrel that feeds off deep Atlantic Ocean swells and handles waves up to the 12-15ft (4-5m). Many surfers have nicknamed it the "European Pipeline" due to its similarities to Hawaii’s infamous Banzai Pipeline.

"The wave breaks all year, but the North Atlantic Ocean swells peak in the later part of Europe’s summer," continued Mr. Hargreaves. "This is why we’ve created the event window in October, instead of the June-July period we’ve had for the past four years."

The change of schedule will also make this year’s Rip Curl Pro Search the second-to-last event on the ASP Men’s World Tour calendar, meaning for the first time it could be the event where this year’s ASP World Champion is crowned.

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Indigenous children had a surfing experience 

A group of indigenous children, from the state’s north-west, today had a day they’ll never forget, learning to surf and meeting their heroes.

Beginning with a session with the NRL’s One Community, entitled “Eat Well, Play Well, Stay Well”, presented by Rugby League legend Mario Fenech, the kids were afforded the opportunity to attend South Sydney First Grade Training Session – a dream for many of the disadvantaged youths.

Culminating with a surfing lesson, in which Fenech took the main stage, the day was focussed upon promoting healthy lifestyles and educating positive lifestyle choices.

“It was a magical day all around,” Fenech said after his first ever-surfing lesson.

Hailing from Brewarrina, a small town 800 kilometres north-west of Sydney, the group of approximately 20 children made the long trip down to Sydney to meet their rugby league heroes and try their hand at surfing for the first time.

“Sending out the message of “Eat Well, Play Well, Stay Well” is very important for these children,” Fenech continued.

“If we can make a difference in just one persons life days like today are definitely worthwhile.”

Selected on their school attendance and good conduct around town today was a break from their sometimes troublesome life as most of the children had never before seen the ocean, let alone stand on a board.

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2009 O'Neill Cold Water Classic in South Africa 

The much anticipated storm has finally hit the shores of Cape Town with howling winds and wild seas forcing a lay day on the fourth day of competition at the O’Neill Cold Water Classic South Africa.

Most of the competitors have hidden away in the warmth of their houses as the seas deteriorate and the wind and rain relentlessly pound the shores. However big wave surfer and O’Neill South Africa brand ambassador, Chris Bertish is getting excited about the swell being generated out to sea right now.

“There should be some pretty exciting waves,” he said. “The competition will hopefully have its last day in some epic conditions at Kalk Bay, then they are calling 25 to 30 foot swell on Thursday and Friday, which would equate to 60 to 70 foot faces.”

“I would like to say that’s an average big wave day but actually that would be pretty exciting,” said Chris. “It gives you a few nerves - you hope that you’ve prepared yourself well and hope that from all the experience you’ve got from the past everyone is ready to take what the ocean is going to throw at you… and you hope for the best.”

Before the serious big wave surfing begins, there is still one day of competition to finish off – starting with the Round of 16.

It was an easy call for contest director Matt Wilson this morning; “We knew pretty much as soon as we stepped out of the door what the score was,” he said. “We did a loop around the reefs which were pretty wild, and went down to see Misty Cliffs for a comparison – which was just complete white water.”

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