Shane Dorian is a name deeply connected with the big wave surfing scene. However, the athlete from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, can play the role of high-performance surfer pretty well. Director Ryan Moss spent a few moments with the former World Championship Tour campaigner, and the result speaks for itself. Dorian competed on the ASP World Tour for 11 years and left the Dream Tour in 2003. In "Lemmon Pepper," Shane shares his recipe for success with all of us.

Learn how to wipe out safely. Protect yourself and other fellow surfers from injuries and avoid equipment damage. Reduce the risks when falling off a surfboard.

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Windsurfing offers multiple sailing opportunities. You can go free riding in a flat water lake or hit the ocean for a wave sailing session. As with everything in water sports, there's a specific rig for each kind of windsurfing discipline.

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