Curacao Challenge: the training schemes have begun

With just two weeks to go to the main event, local windsurf club Windfreaks held a final big downwind slalom competition on the Spanish Water.

The months of training really showed off as all competitors improved significantly with their race starts and completion of the turns. It was quite a show with some good wind speeds despite of the forecasts.

Highlights of the day were Victor Wederfoort’s comeback wins after a bad second heat, the overall win of (freestyler) Felix Martina and big improvements for Indigo Kooij in the B-class.

We have to wait until the first week of April to see how they compare against the international field of competitors. But for those traveling to Curacao, the windsurfers are ready to take the stage and crown a local winner this year!

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Marcelo Morrone: always cool

Tempo Wind Clube at Sao Paulo, Brazil, promoted and organized the first stop of the 2010 Brazilian FE Circuit, supported by Azul Linhas Aereas, last weekend.

On Saturday the wind didn't come and the fleet had an opportunity to talk about the class and make plans for the next Worlds, in October. Some gusts started to blow over Guarapiranga lake at 6:40 p.m. and the guys went out for a night sailing. The Saturday night finished with a live rock and roll band and pizza.

Light winds again on Sunday. The sailors went to the race course at 2 p.m. After 3 attempts, including one full race abandoned at the end of the second lap, a single race were completed to validate the event under the Brazilian Circuit rules.

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World Festival on the Beach: smile, you're in Sicily'

The 25th edition of the famous World Festival on the Beach will take place in Mondello, Sicily, from 15th to 23rd May 2010. This year's event includes two Team Racing Championships and the Sicily Grand Prix.

Team Racing, as an event for windsurfers, took place in Mondello for the first time last year with the RSX Open European Team Racing Championships. For 2010 the event has been strengthened to include a championship for Techno 293 sailors.

Entry is limited to sixteen (RSX) and eight (T293) teams, and is free of charge. Each entry must be confirmed by the organiser, who will be providing travel and accommodation incentives.

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