Dario Ojeda

After a successful year on the PWA World Tour, with a superb 5th place in Gran Canaria and an end of year ranking of 16th, Dario Ojeda (F2, Simmer, Mormaii, DaKine, MFC) has just landed himself with a shiny new board sponsor in the form of F2.

F2 are a brand that’s stood the test of time, and is still here today after more than 20 years of research and development, proving that they can still produce world class windsurfing boards.

"I’m really stoked to join F2. I think they’ve always been a great company with a lot of experience having been around since the birth of the sport. They are pushing hard to create a fresh new side of windsurfing, with new faces, who are going to take our amazing sport to the next level", said Ojeda.

"My plans with F2 are to continue doing all of the PWA wave events and also to work on the boards so we can improve them even more. We want to give the rider the ability to feel free on the boards so that they can sail with ease and create new moves that change the history of windsurfing. F2 are also going to allow me to bring my ideas to the table so that together we can find the perfect shapes to suit all kinds of styles and needs. With the support of Danny Aeberli, I’ll be able to fulfill all of my goals and more importantly, I’ll have someone that listens to my ideas, supports them, and guides me in the right direction."

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 Formula Windsurfing

ISAF have now published the list of new "Approved Production Boards" that are eligible to race in formula windfsurfing events from 1st January 2010.

The International Formula Windsurfing Class is pleased to welcome 3 new brands to formula windsurfing competition - Carbon Art, JP, and PD (Patrik Diethelm).

This welcome addition increases the number of brands registering new boards to 9; with the total of 12 new boards introduced for the 2010/2011 competition period.

In addition to the new brands we have new boards from Drops, Exocet, F2, Gaastra, Mike's Lab, and two from Starboard.

2009 Irish Wave Tour

For anyone who has sailed here during one of the finals in the past few years will have noticed that it gets windy this time of the year around Belmullet and this year was no exception.

In total we sailed three rounds of Gold fleet competitions and six rounds of Silver fleet comp, changed beach half way through Saturday, survived consistent 35 knot winds with 49 knot gusts and basked in the sunny weather on Sunday while buzzing on Red Bull and background music!

Saturday’s comp kicked off on Caisléan beach with a southwesterly, 4.5 metre wind and 2 foot waves, The first few rounds started off with nice big back loops and stalled forwards from Oisin Van Geldron, Finn Mullen and Dan Gardner and Rob Creane going for full on spin loops on the way in. The waves were still small and the wind was going more onshore as the morning went on so jumps were counting the most to get through the rounds. 

These conditions didn’t last too long and by the time the Silver fleet hit the water for their first heat (40 minutes into the comp) the wind was already at a 30 knot average, the average sail size was 3.7 and the wind had gone completely onshore. Sailing out through the waves was still pretty exciting; if you hit the ramp you were going skyward. The silver fleet sailors, Bartek Furmaniuk, Alison Beirne, Paul Reid and James Lang all sailed like champions with some pretty amazing jumps all through their heat.

By the time their heat was over and we were back into the Gold fleets 5th heat, the wind had gotten even windier 3.2m sails the average size with Oisin breaking out his secret weapon a 2.9m! After a few more heats the wind was dead onshore, the waves had built to 4 or 5 feet and sailing became extreme. After lunch and few cans of Red Bull there was a sailors meeting with the judges and the decision was made to move location. The wind had swung around enough to make it sailable in Falmore, where the waves were smaller, but punchier but more importantly the wind was crosshore.

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