Ilha Bela

Wind Brasil 2009 starts this week on Ilhabela, Sao Paulo State.

The Sao Paulo Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix this week heralds the start of Wind Brasil 2009. The penultimate leg of the 2009 Formula World Tour will be take place on the waters off Ilhabela - or "Beautiful Island".

Within easy reach of Sao Paulo, the islands economy is based on tourism, development is restricted, and is a renowned sailing destination.

The winds can range from the traditional warm easterly, to the strong southerly that comes with the cold front. Wind range can be anything from 10 to 35 knots depending on the day. During the weekend, the island gets a lot of people from Sao Paulo city, who have weekend houses at the island or just come and stay at the many Pousadas (hotel/guesthouse) that the island has to offer.

Top ranked brasilian racer, Wilhelm Schurmann, will be hoping to finish one place better than his last visit to Ilhabela, for the 2005 Nationals, when he finished a very close second to Paulo Dos Reis. However, Brasil has a wealth of talented formula sailors including Gabriel Browne, Fabio and Victor Melo, Leonardo Rebello and Matthias Pinheiro ... to name but a few!

There will be added pressure on the local stars - as the Grand Prix status of this years event attracts the worlds top ranked racers.

This years line up includes - Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (Agentina), Alberto Menagatti (Italy), Ross Williams (United Kingdom), Jesper Vesterstrom (Denmark), Arnon Dagan (Israel).

The racing starts on wednesday 21st through to sunday 25th. You can follow all the action as it happens on the "live ticker " where you will also find daily reports, results and photo gallery.

Wind Brasil 2009 - organised by Arrow Marketing, in co-opreration with Associacao Brasileira de Windsurf (ABWS) and Confederacao Brasileira de Vela e Motor (CBVM).

Arden Anderson

The 2009 Midwest Speed Quest on Lake Okabena, Worthington Minnesota is over. This was a great year, with many new racers participating. It is time to announce the Final Results.

We follow the rules and methods of International Speed Sailing. Our GPS units are the most precise hand held units available. Our speeds can be compared to other Speed Sailors around the World. And the Prize Money remains the best in North American Speed Sailing.

The racers competed in this event by wearing a LOCOSYS GT-31 GPS. The speeds were calculated using Doppler positional measurements, and are based on the "Best Ten Second Run". The GPS data was entered into a computer, and the data was carefully analyzed. Speeds were calculated to .01 knots with great precision. The tools and methods used were consistent with International Speed Sailing Events, and GPS Speed Surfing.

And The Final Results are:

First Place:    Arden Anderson, Fon du Lac, Wisconsin           33.55 knots (38.58 mph)
Second Place    Andrew Anderson, Oakland California             32.19 knots (37.02 mph)
Third Place     David Knight, Fridley Minnesota         32.00 knots (36.80 mph)
Fourth Place    Chris Lock, Plainview, MInnesota                31.63 knots (36.34 mph)
Fifth Place     Adam Anderson, Eagen, MInnesota         29.63 knots (34.04 mph)

Congratulations to the winners, Arden has the fastest speeds ever recorded on Lake Okabena. Arden will receive $1000. Andrew will receive $500, David $250, Chris $125, and Adam $75.  Certified Checks will be issued this week!

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"Four Dimensions"

After a full day of dawn ‘til dusk freestyle action, the time had come for Andre Paskowski (Fanatic, North) and his film crew to hand over the remaining few tickets to their movie premiere at the world famous Westerland theatre.

Four Dimensions was produced by Paskowski, edited and filmed by both Peter Svensson and Paskowski, and features some of the PWA’s top riders, including 2009 Men’s Freestyle World Champion, Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo (Fanatic, North), 3 times Pozo Champion, Victor Fernandez (Fanatic, North), former freestyle World Champion and top wave sailor, Marcillio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne (Fanatic, North, MFC), and freestyle maestro, Paskowski himself.

The film had been hyped up by both the sailors and the World’s media for months in advance, so when the invites came, it was an opportunity not to be missed. Paskowski and his team filled the theatre with the stars of the PWA so there was no room for error - the film had to be awesome.

As soon as the lights turned off, and the music began to play, you instantly knew the movie was something special. Everyone in the theatre was amazed by what was going on in front of them - bums were literally glued to seats.

The guys have managed to capture the true essence of windsurfing, portrayed through four of the World’s most progressive wave and freestyle riders. The freestyle moves in Four Dimensions are probably the best on film to date with the World’s best freestyler to date. And the awesome wave sailing footage shot from the helicopter in Pozo brings a new lease of life to the destination with angles that have never been seen before featuring arguably Pozo’s most radical sailor.

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