Josh Angulo

After recently winning a second PWA Overall Wave World Title, Josh Angulo (Angulo, MauSails, DaKine) spoke out at the infamous Sylt closing ceremony and declared his retirement from PWA wave competition in front of thousands of fans.

Angulo sent a message explaining his reasons, and outlining his delight of being crowned the best wave sailor in the world for a second time.

“How amazing it feels to win a second world title and to be the only brand manager to ever win a world title on his own brand. However, I do understand why my fellow board brand competitors such as Robby Naish and Francisco Goya left the world tour some years back to concentrate on growing their businesses, as it's quite a challenge being stretched in many directions.

I have now also chosen to concentrate my time on the board business and will not be doing the wave tour in the upcoming years, but will instead focus on the Angulo brand and servicing our clients, as well as head more into the world of slalom and wave sailing for the joy of it rather than striving for results.

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Pease Geaney

Free introductory Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Wake Boarding lessons will be available to the public at the European Speedsailing Championships which will take place in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford from the 17 to 23 of October.

According to windsurfer and event organiser Martin Waldron the opportunity to try out the sport is not to be missed, “We are really hoping that the public come out and try some of the activities on offer, our coastline is perfect for water sports so we may even be introducing a future Champion to the sport!”

Some of the World’s top Speed Sailors will be in attendance at the event and the opportunity to sail with the best will be on offer through Kite Schools Puremagic, Kiteskool and LSD Boarding. Wind Surf Schools Surf Dock, Wind and Wave and BigSurf will be on hand to help beginners get to grips with the sport.

A combination of Water sports will be available from Dunmore East Adventure Centre. A number of the world’s top equipment producers will also be at the event demonstrating their latest equipment.

Championship Speed Sailing will take place each day of the weeklong event and according to Martin it is a highly entertaining spectator sport, “Speed Sailing is really an amazing sport to watch we are inviting the people of the South East to come along and witness some of the massive speeds achievable by some of the world’s fastest men and women in the sport.”

Aside from the sporting activities a number of celebration events are also open to the public. The social side of the championships will see a live DJ perform each day and the championship opening party at The Seannachai Bar and closing party at The Quays are not to be missed.

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 UKWA Rutland

Saturday’s main racing course saw far to much wind for course racing with gusts over 45knots, with a difficult Rutland chop.

Race Officer Mike spent most of the day out on the water looking for suitable conditions and late Saturday afternoon, after moving the course yet again held 3 races for the braver Formula and 2 races for Raceboard.

Unfortunately all other fleets failed to race.

Sunday saw much better conditions and all fleets saw at least some racing.

Junior Course

Late Saturday afternoon Race Officer Tessa held one round of racing for the Junior fleet in the shelter of the Rutland creek. Conditions in the creek are always difficult and this was no exception, however this did at least give the Juniors a challenge and some time on the water.

Sunday saw much better conditions for the Juniors and 8 rounds of racing on a larger than normal course tested the skill and fitness of our Junior sailors. Race Officer Tessa was pleased to see some first timers at the event.

1st  Jessica Dudfield     2nd Alysia Gibson     3rd Rebecca Kent

1st Sarah Labourne    2nd Joe Patrick     3rd Zed Spencer-Milnes

1st Cameron Coghil     2rd Dean Hargreaves     3rd Charlotte Seal

1st Emma Labourne     2nd Seb Cooper     3rd Max Bushell

1st Kieran Martin     2nd Adam Purcell     3rd Kieran Burley

1st Robert Kent     2nd Tom Naylor     3rd Mark Kay     Unl 1st Andy Mexhome

1st Charly Money     2nd Josh Leadbetter     3rd Matt Brown

1st Rich Jones    2nd Liam Round     3rd Jason Clarke

Free Race
1st Simon Jam      2nd Gavin Nicholson     3rd Graham Baster