Horue Vini 2016: the wind foil mania is here to stay

Horue has announced the launch of Vini 2016, a lightweight plug-and-play wind foil designed for light and medium winds.

The Horue Vini is a 100-percent carbon system entirely designed on CAD, and developed with the goal of reducing drag in light wind conditions, allowing windsurfers to use smaller sails.

There will be three models available to the general public: the Cruising Front Wing, the Lightwind Front Wing, and the Xtreme Lightwind Front Wing. The French brand will market the wind foils from 1,400 euros.

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Davy Scheffers: inspired by the Brazilian sunset

Davy Scheffers has been crowned King of Maceió 2015, in the Brazilian state of Ceará.

The freestyle windsurfing competition attracted a large fleet of PWA World Tour sailors including Adrian Beholz, Giovanni Passani, Arrianne Aukes, Adrian Beholz, Jazzy Noah Zwerus, Mattia Fabrizi, and many others.

All riders had the opportunity to train and test their equipment for the upcoming season in fantastic weather and maritime conditions - sunny skies, winds in the 30-knot range, and waves in the three-to-four-foot mark.

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Race flags: they always mean something | Photo: James Briggs

Do you know the race signals that govern the sports of windsurfing and kiteboarding? Sailing races have flags and sounds for different messages. Learn what these visual and audible codes mean.

The Racing Rules of Sailing apply to the sports of windsurfing, kitesurfing and any other form of wind-powered vessel. The rules often include the raising or removing of flags, as well as the emission of short and long sound signals.

Wind sports enthusiasts and competitors should know what the race signals mean and act accordingly. There are seven main categories of sailing flags and sounds: postponement signals, abandonment signals, preparatory signals, recall signals, a shortened course signal, changing the next leg signals, and other signals.

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