Kiri Thode: breaking the law of gravity

Kiri Thode and Sarah-Quita Offringa have been crowned King and Queen of the Caribbean, after winning the 2014 PWA Bonaire World Cup.

The final day of competition saw light winds hitting the acrobatics arena. In the Men's division, and after having defeated Steven Van Broeckhoven and Amado Vrieswijk, Jose "Gollito" Estredo was the only person standing in the way of Kiri Thode.

In the super final, the Venezuelan was couldn't stop Thode from claiming the double elimination, and the overall event rankings. The Bonairean claimed the first victory of the year.


Xavier Ferlet: big in the USA

Xavier Ferlet swept the Formula Windsurfing and Slalom titles, at the 2014 US Windsurfing National Championships, held in Lake Okabena, Worthington.

The competition was run in five days. The last races saw the sun and 17-20 knots of wind invading the regatta field. Christophe Waerzeggers was the only windsurfer that could really beat Ferlet.

But Xavier was unstoppable. Despite a few mistakes, he completely dominated the races of the 2014 US Windsurfing Nationals.


Jason Polakow: training his signature aerials

Jason Polakow and Robby Swift have displayed a powerful wavesailing performance at Lanes, Maui. What you're about to watch is big wave windsurfing.

Surfers may be proud of their aerial skills, but Jason Polakow is not impressed. The Australian daredevil continues proving that windsurfing is a spectacular water sport. Just add wind and big waves.

This time, Polakow and Robby Swift hit Lanes, as Kona Winds bring it to life. The fantastic port tack wavesailing session delivered incredible footage, JP-style.