David Knight

The 2008 Midwest Speed Quest is over. This was a great year, with 30 racers competing.

It is time to announce the Final Results. We follow the rules and methods of International Speed Sailing. Our GPS units are the most precise hand held units available.

Our speeds can be compared to other Speed Sailors around the World. And the Prize Money remains the best in North American Speed Sailing.

The racers competed in this event by wearing the LOCOSYS GT-31 GPS. The speeds were calculated using Doppler positional measurements, and are based on the "Average of the 5 Best Ten Second Runs".

The GPS data was entered into a computer, and the data was carefully analyzed. Speeds were calculated to 0.01 knots with great precision. The tools and method used were consistent with International Speed Sailing, and with GPS Speed Surfing


1st Place: David Knight, Fridley MN 31.57 knots (36.31 mph)

2nd Place: Guy Miller, Austin Texas 31.46 knots (36.18 mph)

3rd Place Chris Lock, Plainview, MN 31.06 knots (35.72 mph)

4th Place Arden Anderson, Fon du Lac, WI 30.50 knots (35.08 mph)

5th Place Richard White, Portland Oregon 30.05 knots (34.56 mph)

Congratulations to the winners. David will receive $1000 CASH. Guy will receive $500, Chris $250, Arden $125, and Richard $75.

Also for 2008, the Top Five Racers will receive a LOCOSYS GPS!!!

6th Place Josh Sampiero, Winter Park, FL 28.50 knots (32.78 mph)

7th Place Jason Swanson, Worthington, MN 28.29 knots (32.53 mph)

8th Place Eric Ries, Edina, MN 27.98 knots (32.18 mph)

9th Place Randy Johnson, Forest Lake MN 27.35 knots (31.45 mph)

10th Place Jeff Adamski, Otsego, MN 26.91 knots (30.95 mph)


Womens Category:

1st Place Allison Shreeve Sydney Australia 26.24 knots (31.18 mph)

2nd Place Karen Marriott, Lakewood CO 22.78 knots (26.20 mph)

It is should be noted both Allison and Karen were speed sailing while on Formula Gear. These are great speeds for Formula!.

Allison will receive $250. Karen will receive $125.

Both Allison and Karen will receive a LOCOSYS GPS!!!

Longboard Category:

1st Place Alex Monroe, Iowa City, Iowa        21.70 knots (24.96 mph)

2nd Place Kirk Schneider            21.33 knots (24.53 mph)

3rd Place Arnie Cleveland, Prescott, WI          18.20 knots (20.93 mph)

Each year, we will recognize that sailor with the greatest passion for Speed Sailing. For 2008, "The Spirit of Speed Quest Award" is awarded to Todd Spence of Coon Rapids MN, and to Arnie Cleveland of Prescott Wisconsin.

These guys always bring the highest level of windsurfing enthusiasm everywhere they go! I would also like to thank Todd Spence for his support year after year, and all the great Photos!

The Midwest Speed Quest was designed to be different. This event is free to all participants, and yet pays the highest Prize Money in North America. The purpose is to promote the new Sport of Speed Sailing, and the City of Worthington.

Our goal was to bring Sailors of all skill levels together, and introduce them to the new Sport of Speed Sailing. The schedule was open 7 days a week, for a 6 month period. Any visiting sailors was assured of the chance to participate anytime he/she was in the area. We provide free or discounted motel rooms at the AmericInn, free refreshments on the Beach, and free hot meals at the end of the day.

The Midwest Speed Quest is made possible by the support of our many Sponsors. These Sponsors allowed us to award $2500 is Prize Money, and the many drawing for Windsurfing Gear and Gift Certificates all season long.

Photo: LBWS

The successes of our Olympic sailors has inspired many new windsurfers to take up windsurf racing. ‘Raceboard’ is already an official class with very simple kit rules based on length, width and production registration. Quite simply the board is a performance longboard - a true racing class. One that is not inhibited by wind strength or location.

It is also provides the fairest racing when considering a sailors size/weight or age. At National level the class has been a little dormant primarily due to board manufacturers being focused on the development on ‘planing’ boards’ (like Formula) and the media spotlight being on RSX (the Olympic Class).

These racing divisions now have their niches – the Raceboard class has the opportunity and desire to once again thrive and become the biggest National and International windsurfing racing class.

On January 10th 2009 the National Raceboard Class was created. A selection of enthusiasts from all aspects of our sport met to lay the foundations for a revived circuit. Their aim is to:

i. Grow the Class
ii. Keep more youngsters in racing when leaving the successful youth divisions
iii. Attract a mass of new racers from the core ‘Freeride’ section
iv. Develop an extensive regional racing scene.
v. Win the World Championships in all divisions

Tushingham, North, Demon, Mistral, Starboard, are key international brands launching new kit for 2009. The first National Championships takes place in Weymouth, May 2nd-4th. If you still have a Raceboard from years ago – don’t feel left behind. The boards are still hugely competitive. Prizes for every entrant and a party for all.

Racing is not for the few. In fact, the very nature of competition (let’s be honest we all want to overtake our mates) helps your board handling skill improve at a rapid rate. Racing, boring? Nonsense – adrenalin kicks in from the moment you park your car. It is a real friendly scene at all events, and if you feel that sea sailing may be a touch ambitious, the National Raceboard Class even runs an Inland circuit. The first of these is hosted by the ‘Midlands’ region at Pitsford reservoir (near Northampton) April 25th-26th.

Rob Kent (multi national champion spearheads the new class) and Paul Robinson holds it all together as secretary. Committee members come from all corners of our sport.

Source: Raceboard UK

NZ Championships

The Olympic RSX, Formula and Bic Techno National Windsurfing Championships are programmed to be held this year over 5 days (3 for the Technos) at the Manly Sailing Club, Whangaparaoa between the 18 and 22 February.

It is expected that the RSX class will have the most participants at the regatta with all of New Zealands top sailors competing including Tom Ashley, Olympic Gold medallist and many overseas competitors.

The Formula Windsurfing class is a high performance planing class alleged to be the fasted sailing craft around a course out of all sailing disciplines where it is not uncommon to reach speeds of 30knots on reaching legs in the right conditions. It is hoped that a small contingent of Australians will attend alongside New Zealands best.

The Bic Techno class of windsurfers is a lead in class aimed at youth participation as a means of gaining confidence and ability towards the Olympic RSX class of board and therefore a wide range of abilities will be catered for.

With the 3 classes of windsurfers in one location, it should provide an impressive sight not seen at a National Championship for a number of years.